Historical Preservation Board


The Historical Preservation Board reviews properties nominated for designation as a historic landmark or historic district and makes recommendations to the city council regarding historic designations; assists in public education programs; reviews and issues a certificates of historic appropriateness; and creates a preservation plan of historic districts and historic landmarks.

The Historical Preservation Board meets as needed the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Littleton Center Community Room, 2255 W. Berry Avenue.  


For questions concerning this board, contact Community Development at 303-795-3748.


Members District Appointed Term Expires
Margi Clute  III 3/6/2007 2017
Kimberly Field, Alt. II  IV 4/1/2016 2019
Sharon Gaare III 4/1/2014 2019
Pamela Grove, Chair III 4/1/2010 2017
Edward Leighty I  5/1/2015   2018
Paul Kastner II 4/1/2010 2019
Dan Miller, Vice Chair IV 4/1/2012 2018
Michael Price III 4/1/2014 2017
David Spratlen, Alt. I  II  5/1/2015   2018