Museum Board


The Museum Board assists museum director in planning for museum services, programs and potential accreditation and affiliation to serve community needs and interests; at least every 3 years, reviews and recommends long-range plans and annual programs; makes recommendations regarding the use of gifts/loans to the museum; serves as an advisory body in the formulation of museum policies; has final authority over the disposition of unwanted collections; acts as a mediator in matters involving exhibition/program content disputes with citizens; promotes the use of museum public facilities to further city council goals; reviews proposed annual museum budget and make recommendations.

The Museum Board meets the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Littleton Museum, 6028 S. Gallup Street.


For questions concerning this board, contact the Littleton Museum at 303-795-3950 or one of the following staff members:


Members District Appointed Term Expires
Cary Cooprider
I  2/18/2014 2017
Jennifer Alldredge II  3/15/2016 2019
Amy  Fischer IV 3/6/2008 2017
Karen Wojdyla II    3/15/2016 2019
Yolanda Meade
 III 4/1/2015 2018
 Richard Cronenberger II    3/15/2016   2019
 Jean Ray II  4/1/2015   2018