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The Contractor's License

You must be licensed if you will be doing work for compensation on private property in Littleton. The license process is intended to assure quality construction practices. There are several classifications of licenses depending on the type of construction you are qualified to perform. Application forms are available from Codes Administration, and a reference check is made on past work; a written examination may be required, and the license is usually issued the day after the application is made. The application fee is based on the type of license.

Submittal Requirements for a Building Permit

An application form must be completely filled out and returned along with two sets of your building plans. The construction drawings must be prepared and sealed by a licensed architect or Registered Professional Engineer licensed to practice in Colorado. A very important part of your submittal is the code information rating the type of building, occupancy, and type of construction. Supplemental drawings will also be needed for the building's systems. A site specific soils report is also needed as well as a signoff by the fire district. Health department approval is needed if food service, a hospital, nursing homes, or public swimming pools are involved. The State Highway Department also must review and approve plans for developments that have access to state highways.

An additional service offered that is of particular benefit for residential builders is the Master Plan Service. Plans for tract homes need only be reviewed once and, after approval, are kept on file. They would only need to be rechecked if a change is made to the unit or when a new code is adopted.

Plan Review

All single-family, multi-family, commercial, and industrial permit applications are considered nonroutine and require approximately 21 business days to review prior to issuance. The plans are routed for approval by zoning, engineering, fire, and Codes Administration plan checkers. Minor corrections on the plans may be made with red lines; however, substantial corrections will need to be redrawn and resubmitted. If conflicts arise in the requirements, you may have your case reviewed by the Board of Appeals.

The Board of Appeals

This board consists of architects, engineers, and contractors who are charged with the final interpretation of the building code. While the Board of Appeals may overturn a decision of the Codes Administrator, they may not vary or waive the minimum code standards. You may consult the Board of Appeals before, during, or after the plan review process.

Permit Application

Permit Application Form

Permit applications are available from the Building Division at the City of Littleton, or you can have the application faxed to you by calling 303-795-3751. A PDF version is available for download. After completing the application, you must bring it and all submittal requirements and fees for your project in person to the Littleton Building Division at the Littleton Center, 2255 W. Berry Ave. Fees are payable upon issuance of the building permit and are based on the valuation of the project as assessed by the building official. Call 303-795-3751 for more information.

Construction and Inspections

The instructions for calling for inspections at appropriate times are found on the inspection record card. The Inspection Line is open between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday and can be reached at 303-795-3738. We can take 40 inspection requests per day on a first-come, first-served basis. Inspections will be done the following business day after they are requested. Special inspections (identified on the permit card) require Letters of Certification signed by consultants you must retain to make such inspections. These consultants, in effect, are certifying the quality of your construction.

Work in the Public Rights-of-Way

The City of Littleton has a number of regulations concerning construction activity in any publicly-owned rights-of-way. Please consult the engineering division at 303-795-3863.

Certificate of Occupancy

The Certificate of Occupancy is normally issued following the final inspections when the structure is completed. However, the City recognizes that large, complex projects may require that certificates be issued on a temporary basis as development phases are completed. In these instances, there is a requirement for all weather access to the project. Also, surety must be posted for all uncompleted public and private improvements. As work is finished, the amount of surety can be reduced or released.

Keep in mind that other city departments including, but not limited to, Planning, Zoning and the Fire must approve your CO before you will receive it.

Building Codes

Visit the Adopted Building Codes page to view which codes have been adopted by the City of Litteton.
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