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Update 11/26/2014

The Littleton Weather Station has been decommissioned.

Weather stationBackground

The weather station was installed on the roof of the Littleton Center in 2006 and began recording temperature, humidity, barometer, wind, and rain data. At the time, there were only a few online weather sites and none of them were very close to downtown Littleton.

More Options Now

Online weather has become a huge industry. Every local TV station employs several meteorologists who do a fine job reporting on the weather in the greater Denver metro area. There are multiple web sites dedicated to recording and reporting nothing but the weather. And any weather enthusiast can buy a reasonably-priced, high-quality weather station and get micro-accurate weather data from their own backyard.

RIP Littleton Weather Station

Littleton's weather station was plagued with problems in 2014. It was hit by at least two hail storms which destroyed the anemometer and the rain bucket. The replacement parts took weeks to arrive and once installed, the station would only work for a few hours before going down again.

Because of the high maintenance required to manage it, the city has decided to decommission the weather station and take down the weather pages. We are confident that the weather enthusiasts who visited the page regularly will be able to find other sources for accurate, local weather.

Thank you to all the folks who wrote to me about the weather station over the years. I enjoyed the comments, encouragement, thank you's, and even the complaints because it let me know that the station was appreciated.  —Cathy Weaver, City Webmaster

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