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The charts below contain data collected over a 24-hour period from the Littleton stream gauge station in the South Platte River. To see a different 24-hour period, select another date in the date field.

Hold your mouse over the top of the blue line to read the flow rate in cubic feet per second. Readings also appear in a flow rate table below the chart.

NOTE: The stream gauge battery backup stopped working on August 14, 2013 resulting in no data from August 14-27, 2013. On August 28, the battery was replaced and the gauge is operating again. However the first two readings on August 28 are abnormally high because of debris in the gauge mechanism, so it looks like the Platte River was raging shortly before noon on that day. Readings have now leveled out.

Last updated: 2/18/2014 11:11:01 AM