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Events listed on calendars on this website are city-sponsored events or meetings and not a comprehensive list of all activities happening around the community. Use the drop-down menu below to filter events on this calendar. For Bemis Library events, visit the library's event calendar.

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Genre Addicts: Historical Fiction

Are you addicted to trashy novels? Do you skip over the books you know you "should" read, and reach for the thrilling brain candy instead?  Then be ashamed no more - we have the club for you!  Each month, we feature a different genre, and meet to chat about our favorite titles and authors in that category.  Pick a favorite book to re-read, or choose a new title to introduce to us.  We will meet on the second Wednesday of each month to share our love of category fiction!

"Remember When..." September

History might have been your least favorite class in high school, but try it through the pages of a lush historical fiction book.  With the meticulous research that so many authors conduct, you can feel justified in calling this an "educational" read - only you know that you really picked it up for the scandal, adventure, and drama!  Any era is fair game this month - visit ancient Rome with Colleen McCullough, or the Napoleonic Wars with Bernard Cornwell.  Perhaps a novel that spans the ages will catch your fancy.  This is your chance to be a time-traveler, of the armchair variety!  Pick your title, immerse yourself in another age, and then join us in the present to share your appreciation of historical fiction.

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