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Events listed on calendars on this website are city-sponsored events or meetings and not a comprehensive list of all activities happening around the community. Use the drop-down menu below to filter events on this calendar. For Bemis Library events, visit the library's event calendar.

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Mindfulness in Daily Life – Creating a Meditation Practice

Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness in Daily Life – Creating a Meditation Practice
Meditation is the quickest, easiest and most accessible way to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Join Heather Kokx in this hour long class as she explains why meditation is beneficial, what meditation is, different types of meditation, and how to meditate. She will also discuss how to create a meditation practice and guide us through a 15 minute meditation. 

Separate registration is required for each session. Please click here to register for this session.

Mindfulness Workshop Series: Learn to Live in the Here and Now
Bringing mindfulness into your day to day life can increase joy, productivity, self-growth and promote healthy relationships. Being mindful allows you to be present in the moment so you can choose your reactions rather than fall back on subconscious and sometimes unhealthy behaviors. But mindfulness isn’t an easy skill; it’s a practice we use every day. As our practice grows, we grow. These six mindfulness classes not only explain mindfulness, but teach you how to practice mindfulness in different ways in your life. Each class includes an exercise so you can experience practicing mindfulness first hand and take your first steps into being present in your life.

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