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Lovely Letters Crafts for Grownups

Get Your Crafting On - Crafts for Grownups at the Library

Join us for a different featured craft on the third Saturday of each month, as we explore ways to get back in touch with our creativity.  We will provide supplies and space - you bring imagination and curiosity!  These programs are for adults only.  Space is limited, and registration is required.
February 15: Lovely Letters
There’s just something about beautiful handwriting – we're always impressed by calligraphy, flowing cursive, and expressive penmanship. And we’re always sure that we could never write that beautifully...but we’re wrong! With the right tools, and some quick tips to hack our handwriting, we can create gorgeous “fake” calligraphy, perfect block letters, and lovely italics. And what better way to practice your beautiful writing than creating an uplifting piece of hand-lettered art to keep or give away!

Registration will open on Saturday, January 18.

Please call the library at (303) 795-3961 to register.

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