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17 Employees Choose Early Retirement

Expected cost savings of $825,000 in 2021 and beyond

Post Date:06/30/2020

Littleton City Manager Mark Relph announced today that 17 employees have chosen to accept an early retirement offer, resulting in an annual cost savings estimated at $825,000 beginning in 2021 and in subsequent years. This program was developed in response to the budget shortfall created by COVID-19’s impact on sales and use tax revenues. The Leadership Team has reviewed many options to reduce costs and has already cut $2.1 million through furloughs; freezing of seasonal and vacant positions; eliminating the employee market increases and 457 contributions; changes to temporary staffing levels; eliminating employee tuition reimbursement and reducing employee learning and education; putting several professional and consulting projects on hold; and reductions in parts, supplies, printing, and maintenance.

            The City Manager’s Office and Human Resources partnered with department directors to develop transition plans and if needed, new operation plans, as the vacancies, with rare exceptions, will not be filled for a minimum of 2-5 years. Deputy City Manager Randy Young is among those choosing to retire and that is one of the positions that will not be filled. As a result, Relph has reorganized the Leadership Team and is adding, among other changes, a new Executive Team comprised of Police, Museum/Library, Communications, Public Works, Manager of Performance and Innovation, and the Assistant to the City Manager. A new Administrative Services Department is created to include the internal services of Human Resources, Information Technology (IT), and Finance. That department will be led by IT Director Ashley Bolton.

            While retail and general use sales tax collected in May reflects a decrease of approximately 29 percent and 24 percent respectively, the combined reduction is 29 percent or approximately $740,000 as compared to May 2019. 

            COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the city’s short-term and potentially long-term financial picture. Seventy-eight percent of general fund revenues are generated from sales and use tax, which will be greatly reduced. Revenue from licenses and permits, charges for services, and fines and investment earnings, will also likely be affected. Potential general fund revenue losses in 2020 could range between 10 and 24 percent, or from $4.6-$9.6 million. 

            To prepare for possible future budget reductions, the Leadership Team reviewed their current budgets and identified structural changes to address the expected revenue reduction. These will be considered in developing the 2021 budget but could be implemented sooner if needed.

            Staff will continue to monitor all revenues over the coming months. This will allow more time to be strategic regarding long-term impacts to both the community and employees.

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