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The Capital Projects Dashboard is a schedule and map of selected bridge, sewer, street, and transportation projects by planned construction year. This plan is subject to change and will be updated from time to time in coordination with partner agencies.
Some constructions projects may cause traffic delays or detours. Many outdoor project dates are dependent on fair weather. For more information about specific projects, contact the public works department at 303-795-3863.

Reynolds Landing Park

On the Mary Carter Greenway just north of Breckenridge Brewery

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Planning / design
Summer 2021
Fall 2023
Land/Park: Littleton Grounds Manager, 303-795-3766
River: Littleton Water Resources Manager, 303-795-3836

Reynolds Landing Park is a unique and important amenity to the Littleton community. However, its greatest asset, the river, has become degraded and hazardous over time. The goal is to restore the river by creating access to the water to provide a healthier, more diverse nature and recreation experience making it, once again, a vibrant asset to Littleton.

Improved river health and enhanced recreation will bring more diverse uses with a broader appeal to all ages, from kids to grandparents, as well as community connection to nature.

Reynolds Landing Phasing Plan Map

Visit the project website for more information.

Reynolds Landing Park project website cover

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