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Citizens to Consider Two TABOR Questions and Four City Council Seats

Post Date:09/22/2017 3:43 p.m.

Littleton registered electors will consider two questions concerning the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, (TABOR), and elect four members to the Littleton City Council on the November 7 ballot. 

TABOR is a 1992 amendment to the Colorado Constitution that establishes a revenue limit that is a formula combining the Consumer Price Index and the percentage change in local growth. For the fiscal year 2016, Littleton’s revenues exceeded the TABOR limit by $1,937,904. 

Question 2C asks whether the city can retain $1,392,904 in excess revenue for pavement improvements on residential streets, and $545,000 for intersection safety upgrades at Bowles Avenue and Federal Boulevard.  If voters do not approve, the excess revenue will be refunded through a temporary property tax credit estimated at $16.50 for every $100,000 in actual residential value.  The excess must be refunded in the next fiscal year unless voters approve the city retaining the revenue.  

Question 2D concerns adjusting the TABOR base.  If voters approve the question, the revenue base will be adjusted to the 2016 level.  If voters don’t approve, there will likely be excess revenues in future years which may require a vote to maintain city services.  

Littleton voters approved TABOR questions five times since 1994.  The revenues were used for safety improvements to Santa Fe Drive, the pedestrian underpass at the High Line Canal and County Line Road, purchase of open space, mini parks and recreation projects; Ketring Lake improvements, street improvements, upgrades to Fire Station #11, installation of a fire suppression system at Bemis Library, school zone signage conversion to fiber optics, improvements to the fire training burn building, partial funding of fleet building improvements and museum expansion. 

In District I, the northwest quadrant of the city, the council candidates are Patrick Driscoll and Kama Suddeth.

In District III, the southeast quadrant of the city, the council candidates are Phil Cernanec, Steve Esses, and Carol Fey. 

The At-Large race has four candidates seeking two positions.  The candidates are:  Carol Brzeczek, Doug Clark, Karina Elrod and Kyle Schlachter.  The candidate receiving the most votes will serve a four-year term and the candidate receiving the second highest number of votes will serve a two-year term.

Council terms will begin on November 21, 2017.  Departing and new council members will be recognized at a reception prior to the regular meeting of the Littleton City Council.  They will be sworn in by Presiding Judge Ethan Feldman.  Members of the city council will elect the mayor and mayor pro tem at that meeting for two-year terms.  

This will be a mail-ballot election coordinated with the county clerks.  Registered electors should receive their ballots in mid-October. Voters can register up to the date of the election but October 16 is the last day to register through the mail.  Ballots may require extra postage if mailed.  Ballots will not be accepted at the Littleton Center.

Contact the county clerks’ office for questions about registration status or to find the location of a Voter Service and Polling Center:  Arapahoe County, 303-795-4511,; Douglas County, 303-660-7444,; Jefferson County, 303-271-8111,; or the Littleton City Clerk’s Office, 303-795-3753.

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