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Building Permits

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The Littleton Center reopened on May 18 with a phased approach that includes very limited public access. Most Building and Development staff continue to operate remotely and will maintain as many business operations as possible. Staff is not currently available to walk-ins. There will be no Rapid Residential Review until further notice. Building Inspections must be requested through the new eTRAKiT portal as the Inspection Request Line is no longer available. 

Department Staff may be reached by phone or email and virtual meetings may be pre-arranged via email with the individual staff member. Quick links and phone numbers are available on the main Building and Development page.

View Temporary Building Inspection Policy Changes (4/3/20)

Littleton Permit Center

The Permit Center is in the lobby of the Littleton Center and is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (See main Building & Inspections page for special exceptions.) The Permit Center accepts applications for building permits, land development submittals, and processes contractor licenses.  

The Permit Center answers questions on zoning, building codes, and permit submittal requirements. Contact the Permit Center at 303-795-3751 or email

What is needed when I submit for a building permit?

Submittal requirements will vary depending on the proposed project.

  • Plan review fees are calculated based on project valuation and are collected at the time of application for permit. Effective June 15, 2020, and thereafter, applications for permit must be accompanied by the required plan review fees to be considered complete. Applications submitted without plan review fees may incur delays in processing.

When do I need an architect or a structural engineer?

An architect is not required for a residential project; however, if your plan is for a major project such as an addition, adding a second floor or building an entirely new home, an architect can be your best friend. An architect will be familiar with building code requirements and can assist with the design, which can include the floor plan, the exterior wall coverings and the interior finishes and can help select a contractor.

A structural engineer is required for the foundation design and the framing plan when building a new home or an addition. He is also required to prepare the framing plan for a second story addition.

Does a contractor need a license? The city has licensing requirements for contractors. For a new structure or addition, the building, plumbing, electrical and heating contractors have to be licensed by the city. The contractors must prove knowledge of the codes by testing for the license. They are also required to carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Can the city help me find a contractor?

Search for a list of licensed contractors. Once you have selected a few contractors to bid your project, you can call the Permit Center at 303-795-3751 to find out if they are currently licensed with the City of Littleton. You can also check references provided by the contractors; find out if the projects were completed on time and on budget; if they worked when scheduled to work and if they were easy or difficult to work with.

Can a homeowner pull a building permit?

Homeowners can pull a permit only if they are going to do the work. If you employ a contractor and provide compensation, that contractor must be licensed by the City. However, the homeowner may act as the general contractor but each contractor the homeowner employs must have a Littleton contractor’s license. Homeowners must occupy the residence to obtain a homeowner's permit.

What building codes are enforced in Littleton?

Building Codes  Effective January 1, 2014, the city is enforcing the 2012 International Building Code, Residential Code, Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code, Energy Conservation Code and the Fuel Gas Code. Also in effect in late 2014 is the 2014 National Electrical Code.

How long does it take to get a building permit?

Over the counter permits are usually issued the same day. Permits that require zoning approval or plan review will take up to fifteen business days.

Does a permit ever expire?

A building permit expires in 180 days if the project has not begun. A permit will also expire if there is a lapse of 180 days between inspections. If there are circumstances beyond your control, the Chief Building Official may grant one extension up to 180 days.

What is the cost of a building permit?

The cost of the permit is based on the valuation of the work. The valuation is established by the estimated cost of the project provided by the applicant on the building permit application. If the city considers the project is undervalued; a cost per square foot equation will be used to establish the value.

Fee Schedules  The fee schedules are located in the left hand column. Besides the building permit fee, if your project also includes plumbing, heating and electrical work, a separate fee is required for each trade. The fees also include a plan review fee, Arapahoe County open space tax and use tax.

What is use tax and Arapahoe County Open Space Tax?

Use tax is sales tax on materials. The city requires that you pay the estimated tax when the permit is issued. So that you don’t pay more tax than is due to the city, it is important that you purchase as many materials as possible from a vendor located in the City of Littleton, or a supplier outside city limits that has a Littleton sales tax license. Once the project is finished, bring all your receipts from Littleton vendors to the Finance Department. You will receive a refund of the excess city tax paid. The Arapahoe County open space tax is used for the preservation of open space, not only in Arapahoe County but also in the City of Littleton.

If you’re having problems calculating the fee, contact the Permit Center at 303-795-3751 and get an estimated cost.

How about inspections?

Building Inspections   Inspections are requested when different phases of construction are completed. For example, if you are requesting a rough plumbing inspection, all the piping for the waste and vents, water pipe and gas piping must be installed and tested. The rough plumbing, rough electric and rough heating must be inspected and approved before a rough framing inspection is requested.

Please note: Contractors and Homeowners are required to use the new eTRAKiT portal to request building inspections as the Inspection Request Line is no longer available. 

Where do I get help?

Call the Littleton Permit Center at 303-795-3751. After your question or problem is identified, you will be directed to the appropriate staff person. You may also send a detailed question to