Contractor's License Fees

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Forms and Applications

When is a contractor's license required?

A license or registration certificate is required to obtain building permits to do work within the city limits of Littleton; effective July 1, 1985. See City code 3-16-1.

Who is required to obtain a license or registration certificate?

Any person who is responsible for any work that requires a permit is required to obtain a license. Typically this is the supervisor. Public Utility Companies and Homeowners working on their personal residences are not required to obtain these licenses or registrations.

Determining what type of license is required

There are four different classes of licenses. See City Codes 3-16-4 and 3-16-5. The following construction functions are inclusive in each class determination:

"Erecting, altering, adding on, demolishing or repairing"

  1. Class A (Reference—2009 International Building Code); proof of testing required
    Type I-A and I-B
    Type II-A
  2. Class B (Reference—2009 International Building Code); proof of testing required
    Type II-B
    Type III-A and III-B
    Type IV-H.T.
    Commercial Tenant Finish
    Commercial Remodel
  3. Class C (Reference—2009 International Residential Code); proof of testing required
    Type V-A and V-B
    One- and two-family dwellings
    Townhouses not more than three stories
    Basements finishes
  4. Class D license is required to perform such work specialties as listed:
    • D-01 — Woodframing (detached garages; carports; exterior deck; patio covers; gazebos; pergolas) (Reference—2009 International Residential Code)
    • D-02 — Concrete (Reference—2009 International Residential Code)
    • D-03 — Masonry (Reference—2009 International Residential Code)
    • D-04 — Roofing/Siding (Reference—2009 International Residential Code); proof of testing required for roofing
    • D-07 — Pools/Spas (Reference—2009 International Residential Code)
    • D-11 — HVAC; air conditioners; furnace replacement; gas line installation; water heaters; fireplace inserts; gas appliances; boilers; hoods; air handlers; swamp coolers (Reference—2009 International Mechanical Code & 2009 International Fuel Gas Code); proof of testing required
    • D-14 — Demolition (Reference—2009 International Residential Code)
    • D-15 — Miscellaneous (excavation, mobile home) (Reference—2009 International Residential Code)
    • D-16 — Elevators (Reference—2009 International Building Code)


RP Plumbing Registration (Reference—2009 International Plumbing Code)
RE Electrical Registration (Reference—2014 National Electric Code)

Every Plumber and Electrician is required to register with the City to obtain permits. The requirements for insurance are the same as for a license. No test is required. If you are a sole proprietor, you may waive your worker's compensation insurance. Please complete the Waiver for Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Applying for the License and Registration Certificates

The requirements to obtain a license or registration within the City of Littleton are:

  1. First-time applicants must appear in person (supervisor/tester, master electrician or master plumber). The City of Littleton licenses the supervisor at the job site.
  2. Proof of liability insurance in the amount of $500,000 single occurrence for Class A & B, for all others $300,000 single occurrence, must be provided along with current worker's compensation insurance with the City of Littleton listed as certificate holder;
  3. A license examination is required for Class A, Class B, Class C, HVAC and roofing. Must show proof of a current supervisory and company license from a municipality in which a test was taken and passed or the International Code Council (ICC) Exam Report. To register to take the ICC exam, call Pearson VUE at 1-877-234-6082 or visit the ICC web site. To register online, visit the Pearson VUE web site.
  4. To obtain a Registration Certificate, every applicant is required to present the application, a Master's License, a State Contractor's License, and a driver's license.
  5. If you are a sole proprietor, you may waive your worker's compensation insurance. Please complete the Waiver for Worker's Compensation Insurance;
  6. Payment of license fee; check or cash is accepted.

License Requirements for D-Trades

Testing is required for D11-HVAC and D4-ROOFING.

The other D-Trades (listed at the top of this page) require the following:

  1. Require two years experience in the trade.
  2. Two notarized letters of experience, required from employers past or present (other than the applicant) must verify experience required for the license. If self-employed, the letters should be from other contractors who have hired you, or clients/customers that can verify your experience. Letters of experience must:
    1. be original notarized letters;
    2. be on company letterhead if a company is verifying applicant's experience;
    3. have exact listing of duties, projects performed, and/or equipment operated;
    4. have exact dates of employment (month and year started, month and year ended).

Contractor Licensing Fees

(new licenses and renewals)
Building Class "A" $150
Building Class "B" $100
Building Class "C" $75
Building Class "D" $50
Registration Certificate (Plumbers) $50

After approval, and before the issuance of a license or Registration Certificate, and every year thereafter before or on the anniversary date of issuance, the applicant shall pay a renewal fee to the Building Division.

Responsibilities of a license or certificate holder

Please be aware that construction activities can only be done between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. This will be strictly enforced by the city.

All licensees and Registration Certificate holders shall be responsible for performing the work under the provisions as listed and including, but not limited to, the following items:

  • To provide minimum safety measures and equipment to protect workmen and the public;
  • To have in their possession, at all times, the license(s) or Registration Certificate(s) for work they are performing;
  • To present the license(s) or Registration Certificate(s) when requested by the Division or any peace officer;
  • In the case of a Registration Certificate holder to employ an appropriate qualified supervisor as required by the State of Colorado.
  • To obtain permits when required;
  • To faithfully construct, without departure from the drawings and specification filed and approved by the Division and permit issued for same, unless any such departure is previously approved by the Division in writing.
  • To obtain inspection services when required by this Code or any Model Codes adopted herein;
  • To obey any order or notice issued under the authority of this Code or any Model Codes adopted herein;
  • To pay any fees assessed under the authority of this Code or any Model Codes adopted herein; and
  • To provide toilet facilities prior to and during construction or demolition.

The suspension and revocation of certificates and licenses

The City of Littleton holds the right to suspend or revoke a license or Registration Certificate when the licensee or Registration Certificate holder commits one or more of the following:

  • Fails to comply with any of his responsibilities as outlined in this chapter;
  • Knowingly conspires with a person to permit his license or registration certificate to be used by another person;
  • Acts in any capacity with persons to evade any of the provisions of Chapter 16, Title 3 of the Littleton City Code;
  • Violates any provisions of the Model Codes as may be in effect pursuant to this Code;
  • Fails to obtain required building permits;
  • Fails to request inspections as required by any Model Code as may be in effect pursuant to this Code;
  • Fails to observe stop work and/or correction notices;
  • Knowingly, willfully, or repeatedly issues checks for payment of building permits and fees which are dishonored for any reason;
  • Conviction of any felony;
  • Fraud in taking the test;
  • Misrepresentation on the application; or
  • Fails to complete work without justification.

Building Board of Appeals

The Building Board of Appeals has been established to hear matters concerning suspension and revocation of licenses. The board hears appeals of code interpretation or alternate methods or materials.