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Tap Fees in Littleton

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Water Tap Applications

Denver Water requires that an application for a new water service tap must be acquired from the City of Littleton before issuance of a residential or commercial water tap inside the Littleton city limits. This is a “no fee” application.

Contact telephone numbers are:

  • City of Littleton Building Department — 303-795-3751
  • Denver Water Department — 303-893-2444

Sewer Tap Fees

NOTICE: New Sewer Tap Fees went into effect April 25, 2008.

The Littleton/Englewood Waste Water Treatment Plant serves a much larger area than the city limits which covers several outlying sewer districts. If you are purchasing a sewer tap for a property located in one of the sanitation districts listed below (which may be inside or outside the city limits), you must purchase a district sewer tap first, then purchase a Littleton sewer tap. Properties located within Littleton will only require one sewer tap to be purchased from the city, unless the property is within a sewer district.

The following sewer districts require a sewer tap to be purchased from them before a city sewer tap can be purchased from the City of Littleton's Building Department:
  • Bow Mar Water and Sanitation District — 303-979-2333
  • Columbine Water and Sanitation District — 303-979-2333
  • Grant Water and Sanitation District — 303-674-3379
  • Ken Caryl Water Ranch and Sanitation District — 303-979-7424
  • Meadowbrook Fairview Metropolitan District — 303-972-2054
  • Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District — 303-979-2333
  • Southwest Metropolitan Water and Sanitation District — 303-979-2333
  • Roxborough Park Metropolitan District — 303-979-7286

The following sewer tap fees shall be payable to the City of Littleton. Fees are subject to change. Call Littleton Engineering at 303-795-3863 for more information

  Inside city limits Inside city limits, within a sanitation district Outside city limits
Classification A:
Single Family Residential
$5,000 $5,000 $5,656
Classification B:
Multiple Family Residential 
per living unit 
per living unit 
per living unit 

Size of water tap Inside city limits Outside city limits
 Classification C: Commercial User (based on size of water meter) 3/4 inch or less $5,000 $5,656
1 inch $10,000 $11,312
1-1/4 inch $15,000 $16,968
1-1/2 inch $20,000 $22,968
2 inch $40,000 $45,248
3 inch $90,000 $101,808
4 inch $180,000 $203,616
6 inch $470,000 $531,664
8 inch $1,000,000 $1,131,200
10 inch $1,800,000 $2,036,160
12 inch $3,000,000 $3,393,600

Contact the City of Littleton's Finance Department at 303-795-3772 for annual sanitary sewer service fees and storm drainage fees.

Building Permit Fee Schedule