Building Permit System (eTRAKiT) Instructions

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Select: Building & Development > Building Services > Building Permit System (eTRAKiT)
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Read the eTRAKiT Instructions. Review the eTRAKiT Checklist to make sure you have all the information needed before you start the process.

Click Building Permit System (eTRAKiT).  You may also access eTRAKiT directly by typing in in your browser.

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3Login as "Public" OR "Contractor."
To log in as “Public” you must first Set Up Account to submit a homeowner permit online.

To log in as “Contractor,” you must have an active license with current insurance certificates to submit a permit online.

4Contractors: find your business name in the drop-down menu. Your password is the PIN # printed on your contractor license or on an issued permit.

Contractors with multiple licenses will see multiple listings for their company name with a letter designating the license type following the name. For example, "ABC Contracting - R" is the name to choose if you are ABC Contracting and the the permit is for a roofing job. License designations are as follows:

A= A1, A2, etc.
B = B1, B2, etc.
C = C1, C2, etc.
E = Electrician
P = Plumber
R = Roofing
S = Siding
5Select Apply to create a new permit.

Click on the PERMIT Type drop down for a list of active or unfinished permit applications for the account.

Select the appropriate PERMIT Type for the job and job site. PERMIT Types are coded to correspond with the county where the job site is located:
  • A = Arapahoe County
  • J = Jefferson County
  • D = Douglas County
In this example, APLUMBING has been chosen, meaning this will be a permit for a plumbing job in Arapahoe County.
6The items that appear under Type are automatically determined by the PERMIT Types selected in the last step.
7Scroll down to Location, enter part of the job address and click the Search button.

Only addresses that are inside the Littleton city limits AND in the county selected in Step 5 will appear in the address list. (In this case, it is Arapahoe County because the selected PERMIT Type is "APlumbing.")

If the address is not listed, then:
  • It is in another county (go back and select the appropriate PERMIT Type in Step 5); OR
  • It is an historical property and a permit cannot be issued online; OR
  • It is not in the Littleton city limits.
Select the correct address then click the Next Step button.
8Enter the contract price in the Qty column. The other fees will automatically be calculated.

Click the Continue button.
9Verify information and make corrections if necessary.

Click Next Step.
10Review the information on the page prior to submitting the application. Click an Edit button to make changes to that section. Attachments may be added to the permit by clicking the link.
11Your permit fees are calculated and displayed. Credit card and eCheck payments will include fee in addition to the amount shown on this receipt.
  • A portal administrative fee of $0.75 per transaction plus 2.25 percent of the total transaction amount is added to each credit card transaction.
  • A $1.00 fee is added to each eCheck transaction.
Click Pay Now to begin the payment process. You will be redirected to the SIPA Payment Site.

BEFORE YOU LOG OFF: Be sure to print your receipt and permit(s) after payment is complete. A copy of the permit MUST be displayed at the job site. 

Ready to start? Click here: eTRAKiT — Online Permits and Applications