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eTRAKiT Contractor Search

Type of License Use
Reg. No.
Commercial over four stories A
Commercial up to three stories B
Residential C
Concrete D2
Masonry D3
Roofing and siding D4
Swimming pools and spas D7
Wood framing D10
Mechanical D11
Demolition and moving D14
Miscellaneous D15
Elevators D16
Electrical E
Plumbing P

Homeowners may search for City of Littleton-licensed contractors using eTRAKiT. Use the chart to determine the correct Registration Number for each type of contractor.

For example, to find a residential contractor to build a deck or put on an addition, type the letter "C" in the search string field on the eTRAKiT search page. For electrical contractors, type the letter "E.

For more information about the eTRAKiT application, view the eTRAKiT Help page or contact the building department at 303-795-3751.