Environmental Crimes and Violations

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Dumping is illegal in the City of Littleton. It is unlawful for any person to deposit any trash, garbage, litter or other refuse on any property owned by another or in any trash container or dumpster owner by another. If this activity is observed and a vehicle is involved, it is important to get the license plate number. To report illegal dumping with suspect information please call the police non-emergency line at 303-794-1551.

Illicit Discharge

Discharging into the sanitary sewer is illegal and can damage sewer equipment leading to significant financial consequences. If you witness any interference with the sanitary sewer system please call the public works department at 303-795-3863.

Discharging any substance or solid matter into the storm water drain without a valid permit is illegal. Many of the storm water drains within the city drain to the South Platte River. Discharged substances can greatly damage fish and other wildlife negatively affecting us all. To report an illicit discharge please call 303-795-3865. Check here for additional information. 

Illicit Burns

Did you know that burning any trash or garbage within city limits is not permitted? The city also observes the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s no burn days. For more information see the CPDHE Website. To report an illicit burn, please call 303-795-3751.