Properties in Foreclosure

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The city has no role in the foreclosure process, which is an action by a lender to reclaim property for which payment has not been received. The process is a civil matter between the property owner and the lien holder. This process takes time because certain legal requirements established by state law must be met before the lien holder can take possession of the property.

Weeds along a fence.The city will enforce the same property maintenance codes on properties in foreclosure as with all other properties in the city. This means that the properties must be maintained free of weeds and rubbish and be secured. City code specialists will post properties with a notice to cut or clean-up a property that is not in compliance. If the posting order is not met, the city will contract for the work to be done and lien the property for the cost, plus 40 percent.

Arapahoe County, Jefferson County and Douglas County keep records of the foreclosure process and proceedings. These are available to the general public at the counties' web sites. If you have questions related to the foreclosure of a specific property, visit the appropriate county web site.