Report a Code Violation

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• If this is an emergency, call 911.
• If this is a police issue, use the Police Comments Form.
• If this is a street light out, use Xcel Energy's Outdoor Lighting Outage Report

For more information or to report a code violation, call the Community Development Department at 303-795-3748 or  the Code Enforcement Division at 303-795-3751.
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Report non-emergency issues or concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the Click & Fix app. Submit issues such as potholes, icy or damaged sidewalk, graffiti, missing or damaged street signs, abandoned vehicle or other zoning issues.

To report any of the following issues or concerns, use the police non-emergency number:
Animal control 303-794-1551
Dog feces not cleaned up 303-794-1551
Dogs barking 303-794-1551
Dogs, too many 303-794-1551
Noise complaints, such as loud music 303-794-1551
RV parking 303-794-1551
Vehicle abandoned 303-794-1551
To report any of the following issues or concerns, use the number provided:
Garage sale signs 303-795-3751
Home occupations / home-based businesses 303-795-3752
Fences around pools 303-795-3751
Snow on a sidewalk 303-795-3751
Snow on a street 303-795-3969
Too many people living in house/apartment 303-795-3754
Traffic problems 303-795-3863
Trash cans left out front all week 303-795-3751
Tree branches, tires, boxes, etc. 303-795-3751
Trees blocking sidewalk/street 303-795-3863
Trees, neighbor's are diseased 303-795-3863
Unclean house or premises 303-795-3751
Vehicle parked on the lawn 303-795-3752
Vehicle repair on driveway 303-795-3751
Vehicle, junk 303-795-3751
Vehicle, working on other people's cars 303-795-3752
Weeds over 8 inches 303-795-3751
Wood burning 303-795-3751