Columbine Square Status

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Columbine Square - 5151 S. Federal Blvd., Littleton, CO 80123

Columbine Square 04-16-2018

4/6/2018: All buildings have now been demolished.
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Columbine Square Demo 4/6/2018Columbine Square Demo 4/6/2018Columbine Square Demo 4/6/2018

4/5/2018: As of today, there are no formal applications for development or redevelopment of the Columbine Square site. If the property owner wishes to rezone the property, they will be required to hold a neighborhood outreach meeting prior to submitting a formal application for a rezone to the Littleton City Council. The requirement for the neighborhood outreach meeting is a radius of 700 feet from the borders of the site. The city is proposing amendments to the city’s zoning code, chapter 9 which is regarding Planned Development Overlay (PDO) requirements. This is not related to the Columbine Square property. A public hearing is scheduled on April 9, 2018 before the Planning Commission on proposed amendments to the PDO chapter. During the public hearing, there will be an opportunity for the public to speak to Planning Commission on proposed changes to this chapter of the zoning code. 

For more information on the proposed changes to the PDO section of the zoning code, download the  Planning Commission Packet for 04-09-18

4/2/2018: The City of Littleton has issued demolition permits for the remaining four buildings. It is estimated to take two weeks for demolition and site clean up.
Columbine Square demolition

Four buildings have been demolished and the debris removed. The remaining buildings still need approval from the the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment before a City of Littleton demolition permit can be issued.

Columbine Square demolition

02/13/2018: The demolition contractor received clearance from the state and has obtained a demo permit from the City of Littleton for four of the eight buildings. The remaining buildings are still awaiting asbestos testing and approval from the state. Demolition is scheduled to begin on 2/14/2018. Crews will typically be onsite Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. until the demolition of the four buildings is complete. The access point for trucks and equipment is the south side along Federal. The contractor has been made aware of permissible truck routes and the demo should not affect interior residential areas.
02/01/2018: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment spoke with the asbestos consulting firm, Advanced Environmental Consulting (AEC) on January 29, reporting that several of the samples collected during the site inspection came back containing asbestos. The inspector from AEC will revisit the site to determine the amount of asbestos-containing material (ACM) remaining and the locations. Any remaining friable ACM or ACM that will be rendered friable during demolition will need to be abated by a general abatement contractor prior to the approval of the demolition application.

01/17/18: Code Enforcement inspected the perimeter fence and the fence is secure but the screening is loose or ripped. Columbine Square will be required to remove or repair the screening material.
01/09/18: Asbestos tests on fire debris came back positive.
01/08/18: Code Enforcement posted the perimeter fence for the dangerous buildings and gave notice to demolish the structures.
01/03/18: Advanced Environmental Consulting on-site taking samples of fire debris for asbestos testing.
01/03/18: Investigation complete, building turned over to managers/owners representative.
01/03/18: Fire under control.
01/03/18: Medic 13 discovers structure fire while returning to Station 13 from Swedish Medical Center.
Fire Cause Determination: Human Caused, no active utilities (electric & gas) on site, evidence of people occupying surrounding buildings including clothing, food containers, fuel cans and sterno cans.

The contractor has stated the state inspector will be on site sometime in January to ensure the asbestos abatement has occurred. Once the state has issued their demo permit, the contractor can apply to obtain the City of Littleton demo permit. We expect permit applications within the next few weeks.