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Santa Fe River Corridor

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River Front/Santa Fe Corridor Plan page screen shotThe Littleton City Council has identified the Santa Fe River Corridor area as a high priority and will soon review and act on a scope of work for a formalized plan tied to the Comprehensive and Transportation Master Plans. The exact boundaries will soon be identified and will include properties bordering the South Platte River on the west and Santa Fe on the east.

Engaging the community is essential. The process will include highlighting the significance of the corridor, working in partnership with stakeholders to assess needs and desires for the area, and begin the process of proactive visioning and planning, as well as sharing information regarding Santa Fe Drive and CDOT Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL).

This process will include outreach to the community and provide multiple opportunities for participation and feedback.

Plan Goals

  • Develop a plan for the corridor in accordance with the Comprehensive and Transportation Master Plans;
  • Increase the value of property and businesses along the corridor;
  • Preserve and enhance natural areas, increase the recreational value of the corridor;
  • Protect wildlife habitat and water quality;
  • Encourage and improve opportunities for education and interpretive activities;
  • Encourage land uses compatible with recreational goals and that contribute to the economic well-being of area.

Visit the Santa Fe River Corridor plan page for the most up-to-date information and resources. For questions about the Santa Fe River Corridor Plan, contact Kathleen Osher at 303-795-3755.