Triple J Armory Project Updates

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Project Overview

Triple J Armory is currently located at 311 East County Line Road. The owners have submitted a request for a building permit to relocate to and renovate a property at 8152 SouthPark Lane in the SouthPark business park for an indoor shooting range and retail store.

The SouthPark area was zoned in 1981 as Planned Development – Industrial (PD-I) which allows a variety of industrial and commercial uses including retail and indoor recreation which includes shooting ranges. However, there are specific city building codes that must be met in order for an indoor range to be constructed inside the building including: safety, noise, building structure and environmental regulations. In addition, the building permitting process requires that all applicable requirements from police, fire, and planning be addressed for this use. All requirements of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) must also be met.


Update 12-10-2018

Letter to city council from city attorney - 11-01-2018

Triple J Armory Letter 11-01-18

Letter to interested parties - 08-02-2018

Letter to interested parties - 07-30-2018

Letter to Triple J Armory - 06-14-2018

Update December 11, 2018

Visit the SouthPark Owners Association website for an update regarding the Triple J Armory Project.

Update December 10, 2018

See Update in Documents section dated 12/10/2018.

Update November 14, 2018

As of 4 p.m. today there are no updates. Moving forward, updates will be posted as they become available.

Update November 8, 2018

As of 4 p.m. on November 8, Triple J has not picked up the building permit for the range. See letter dated 11/01/2018 from City Attorney Steve Kemp to Littleton City Council.

Update November 5, 2018

See letter in Documents to Triple J Armory dated 11/01/2018

Update October 31, 2018

As of 3:48 p.m. today there are no updates. 

Update October 24, 2018

As of 1:30 p.m., Triple J had not picked up their permit for the indoor range. They are required to pay the permit fees and then the city can issue the permit. Once they do, these are the next steps:

  1. Start construction on the indoor range. Construction will be required to follow the approved permit, which meets all of the city's requirements. Elements of the construction include: structural requirements to ensure the building can support the range; safety requirements to ensure walls are constructed of concrete and proper thickness for ballistic blocking; installation of noise mitigation system, mechanical systems to ensure proper air ventilation, and electrical systems to ensure electricity/power needs are met.
  2. Schedule their construction inspections with the city's third-party inspection agency at the required construction milestones. As the construction progresses and at regular intervals throughout the construction, inspections are required to be performed by the city's hired inspectors that have expertise in gun range construction, to ensure the construction is proceeding according to the permit.
  3. Once all construction is complete and all review and inspection divisions are satisfied a certificate of occupancy will be issued and the range will be allowed open to the public.

Update October 17, 2018

The building permit for the Triple J shooting range project has not yet been issued as of 4PM 10/17/2018.

  • The construction plans have been approved
  • Before the permit can be issued, the following items need to be addressed:
    • Updates to subcontractor license and insurance
    • Receipt of permit fees
  • Once the fees are paid and the licenses are updated, the city will issue the building permit

The building permit process starts with an application, and for this project:

  • The application was reviewed by the city for compliance with all applicable requirements
    • In addition, the city contracted with a specialized plans examiner to review the submitted plans
  • Once those plans meet all standards, the city may issue the building permit
    • The applicant is currently at this point in the process
    • Once the fees are paid and the licenses are updated, the city will issue the building permit
  • Once the city issues the building permit the applicant may begin construction
  • The city and a specialized contract inspector will inspect the various aspects of the project during construction
  • The city will “finalize” the building permit when construction has been completed and is in compliance with the approved plans and all requirements (including the Littleton Noise Control Ordinance)
  • Once the building permit is finalized, the applicant may begin operations

Update: September 27, 2018

Final building inspections for the retail space for Triple J Armory were completed today.  The applicant can now open the building for retail use only.

The permitting for the gun range is still in review.  The city and its consultants have evaluated the revised application and provided comments to the applicant and are awaiting the applicant’s response. Issuance of the permit is contingent upon strict compliance with all codes and standards.   

Update: September 20, 2018

The following is an audio recording of the meeting that was held on August 29. Due to technical issues, the first 10 minutes of the meeting were not recorded.

Update: September 18, 2018

The final building inspections for the retail/office space for Triple J Armory are nearing completion. At this stage, it is permissible for the applicant to move equipment and merchandise into this part of the building. Final inspections are necessary before the building can open to the public.

The permitting for the gun range is still in review. The applicant has responded to comments from the city and its expert consultant. The city is in the process of reviewing their responses. No permit has been issued and no timeline has been set.


Update: September 14, 2018

The city staff met with interested citizens on August 29 to hear their questions about the project. Below is a summary of the written questions submitted by attendees. (Please note, the city is reviewing and responding to additional questions, which will be posted here once complete.)

Q1. What kind of license is required for a gun range?
A1. The city requires all businesses to have a business/sales and use tax license. There may be other required licenses that are not the city’s requirement.

Q2. Is the shooting range presently under construction?
A2. A building permit has not been issued at this time (9/13/2018) for that portion of the building. Therefore the indoor range portion of the building should not be under construction.

Q3. What is the proposed open time of the facilities and days of the week?
A3. That information has not been provided to the city.

Q4. Can citizens review issues like sound proofing, lead toxicity, and safety?
A4. Citizens have the opportunity to request information like this through the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA). Information on CORA requests can be found on the City Clerk’s Public Records Request page.

Q5. Have any of the council members or anyone involved in the decision-making process received campaign donations from the gun store affiliates, owner, or the NRA?
A5. The city clerk reviewed Campaign Finance Reports dating back to 2007 and found no indication of donations from the listed parties to any current members of the Littleton City Council.

Q6. If the city grants a Certificate of Occupancy before the SouthPark Owners Association (SPOA) has completed its review, can Triple J open? Does Triple J need to get approval from the SPOA before getting city approval?
A6. There is no legal connection between the two entities and their review processes are separate. The city can grant a Certificate of Occupancy once all city requirements are met, regardless of where Triple J is in the process with SouthPark Owners Association. However, both approval from the city and SPOA are required before Triple J opens.  

Q7. Did the city attempt to find Triple J a more appropriate location? If not, why?
A7. In order not to interfere with contract negotiations between potential tenants and landlords, the city’s Economic Development department only searches for alternative locations if informed by either or both parties that there is no contract in force or under consideration. In this situation, Economic Development was not contacted by either party for this service.

Q8.  How will Triple J be held accountable for not following city codes?  
A8. The city manager issued a stop work order because they had not been issued a building permit before initiating work at their new site.  Per city codes, any applicant is subject to double fees when they fail to get a building permit prior to construction.  Once the building permit is issued and the doubled fees are paid

Q9.  How do Littleton Police plan to alter police patrol patterns if Triple J opens? Will police presence and patrols be expanded with Triple J’s presence?
A9. The Littleton Police Department makes every effort to provide additional patrol to businesses in the city that are higher profile and in response to community concerns.

Q10. Under what circumstances would safety or nuisance concerns override allowed uses per city zoning code?
A10. Just like any business, once a Certificate of Occupancy is issued that permits opening, the applicant must continue to follow the city code. If the applicant fails to meet any of the requirements that were in the Certificate of Occupancy for example, that would be a violation of the building code, and the city would address that.  In addition, the Littleton Police Department would investigate criminal activity.

Q11. Can city council rezone a property to prohibit an allowed use after a building permit has been issued?
A11. A rezoning could be considered a regulatory taking and may violate the property owner/lessee’s rights. Cities do have the right to rezone, however, if there is a property that was legal under prior zoning, it gets to continue as what is called a non-conforming use.

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