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Welcome to eTRAKiT Help. Here you can find FAQs, How To Documents, and Videos offered. Additional questions may be emailed to the Permit Center or Development Review Team or Divisions at the contact information in the upper left hand corner.

eTRAKiT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Q: Who can use eTRAKiT?

A: eTRAKiT is open to all users.  A contractor that is registered with the City of Littleton must sign in using their company name and reset their password. All other users that are not contractors (i.e. homeowners, realtors or insurance agents) are able to create a user account to create an online application or to schedule an inspection.

Q: Will Trakit9 and eTRAKiT work in any internet browser?

A: No, Internet Explorer is the preferred browser as others browsers may block pop-ups.

Q: I have forgotten my Public Login Username and/or Password.

A: Please Click Here to retrieve your username and password.

Q: I am having trouble locating my permit number when I conduct a search.

A: Be sure to enter the permit number exactly as it appears on your permit. The number needs to be entered in the “search for” field. For example, BLDG13-1234

Q: As a homeowner doing my own work at my home, am I required to obtain a permit?

A:  A building permit is required at any time there is an addition, alteration, repair or conversion to the main structure or an accessory structure. More information may be found under the Homeowners section of Building & Inspections on the city website. If you have any questions about whether or not a permit is needed, contact the Permit Center at 303-795-3751.



Q: My address isn't found in eTRAKiT.

A: The address may not be in the City of Littleton's jurisdiction or city limits. Check our address wizard.



Q: Can I pay for my permit or application online using eTRAKiT?

A: Yes, credit card payments (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express) are the preferred method of payment and can be paid online. 2.2% of the total transaction amount will be added as a service charge to credit card payments. We will still accept payment at the counter. ECheck should be available soon.

Cash may be accepted at the Permit Center counter for small items such as zoning letter requests, but is not preferred.

Q: Is there a credit card processing fee that I have to pay?

A: Yes, 2.2% of the total transaction amount will be added as a service charge to credit card payments.



Q: What types of permits am I able to submit online? 

A: Phase I  will have the following permits available through eTRAKiT beginning on June 22:

  • Roofs
  • Water Heaters
  • ROW
  • Grading (G)
  • Floodplain Development Permit (FPD)
  • Sewer (SEW)
  • Zoning Permits
    • Temporary Use Permits, Home Occupation
    • Residential Fences/Commercial Fences
    • Amplified Sound -Residential and Commercial

We are looking to add more permits for online application in the future.

Q: What types of development applications can I apply for through eTRAKiT?

A: Development application processes are added to this tool regularly. If you do not see the application available for online submittal check back often. Users can still monitor process of permits and projects through even if the application was not created online. 

Q: Can I request a zoning letter or a new address through eTRAKiT?

A: Yes, Zoning Letter Requests and Addressing Requests are considered application types and may be applied for through eTRAKit as a project type.

Q: Can I request a pre-application meeting through eTRAKiT?

A: Yes, all pre-application meetings should be requested through eTRAKiT as an application type. See the how-to instructions for help on navigating this process.

Q: Am I able to apply for a Contractors License through  eTRAKiT?

A: Not at this time. Please mail all required documents along with payment to the address at the top of the license application.

Q: How do I apply for an appeal?

A: Appeals of any final board, council, or administrative decision may be made through eTRAKiT by choosing 'Appeal' as the project type. The exception to this would be an appeal to the Building Board of Appeals. For information on BBoA appeals, please contact the Permit Center.



Q: Can I schedule building inspections online?

A: Yes, we are only scheduling building inspections through the  eTRAKiT portal beginning June 22. See the how-to instructions or video for help on navigating this process.

You can also view your inspection results using eTRAKiT.  Engineering inspections should still be requested through the Engineering Division by calling 303-795-3863 or by calling your Engineering Inspector directly. Their name and number are listed on the permit.

Q: Can I schedule engineering inspections online?

A: No, we are only scheduling building inspections through the eTRAKiT portal at this time. Engineering inspections should still be requested through the Engineering Division by calling 303-795-3863 or by calling your Engineering Inspector directly. Their name and number are listed on the permit.

Q: Why can't I pick a date for my inspection?

A: You have to click "Add Inspection" before the date drop down box will appear.

Q: Can I cancel an inspection from eTRAKiT?

A: Yes, but only if the inspection has been scheduled.