Downtown Wayfinding Signage

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Signage and Wayfinding Project

Gateway signed to downtown LittletonThe downtown wayfinding project is close to completion. If you haven’t seen the signs it’s worth a look. There are four types of signs. The north gateway at Prince and Santa Fe makes an eye-catching statement announcing the downtown area. The wayfinding signs direct drivers to downtown points of interest and include detailed maps to guide pedestrians. These signs are topped with historic photos that speak to the notable history of Littleton. Historical properties are identified with signs in black, red and yellow with photos and written histories. The side street signs will soon point the way to retailers and restaurants along the side streets. All signs are lighted to create visibility at night.

The project began back in 2013 when city council supported the development of a comprehensive wayfinding and gateway plan. In 2014 citizens, business owners and city staff interviewed and selected C+B Designs to develop the plan for the downtown district. Months of community outreach included samples of the plan designs and survey questions being posted on the City of Littleton and Go2Littleton websites and being displayed in various locations in the community. Business and property owners provided feedback and people were interviewed when they attended events.

Side street directional signageC+B Designs spent the time needed to truly understand the Littleton community. The comprehensive gateway and wayfinding signage plan greatly enhances the city, helps distinguish the area, calls points of interest to attention and helps increase circulation in the downtown district. The sign designs pay homage to Littleton’s history, highlight its brand and add modern flair.

Side Street Merchant Signs

Merchants operating a retail store or restaurant facing Prince, Nevada, Curtice, or Rapp streets between Powers to the north and Church to the south are eligible for placement on city-sponsored side street signs. Eligible businesses can apply for placement on the signs, and applications will be evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis.  All signs can list up to 6 businesses, with the business name featured on both side of the sign; below is listed the number of spaces available for a business on each sign.  If a sign is full, businesses will be waitlisted and applications will be evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis when there is a vacancy. 

Downtown Side Street Sign Application.

Rapp St. south of Main St.
4 spaces available
Curtice St. north of Main St.
3 spaces available
Nevada St. north of Main St.
3 spaces available
Curtice St. south of Main St.
3 spaces available
Rapp St. south of Alamo
2 spaces available
Curtice St. north of Alamo
3 spaces available
Rapp St. north of Church
2 spaces available
Prince St. north of Main St.
0 spaces available
Prince St. south of Main St.
2 spaces available

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