City Attorney FAQs

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I need an attorney. Can the city attorney help me?
The city attorney cannot give legal advice to citizens or recommend lawyers. For referrals, you can contact:

Colorado Bar Association at 303-860-0608
Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service at 303-831-8000
Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado at 303-863-9544
DU Law School at 303-863-9544
CU Law School at 303-492-8047

What if I have questions regarding the law?
If you have legal questions, you should contact a private attorney. The city attorney, municipal prosecutor and municipal court staff are unable to provide legal advice to citizens.

I need to serve a subpoena on the city. What is the process?
For police records, serve the police department. For all other city records or for city employees, serve the city clerk.

How do I file a notice of claim against the city?
If you believe that the City of Littleton (or any of its employees) has injured you or damaged your property, and you wish to be considered for reimbursement, the law requires that you file a written notice of claim within 182 days with the city attorney at the following address:

City Attorney
2255 W. Berry Avenue
Littleton, CO 80120

A notice of claim must contain the following information:

  1. The name and address of the person making the claim and the name and address of that person’s attorney, if any;
  2. A concise statement of the factual basis of the claim, including the date, time, place, and circumstances of the act, omission, or event that is the basis of the claim;
  3. The name and address of any public employee involved, if known;
  4. A concise statement of the nature and extent of damages claimed to have been suffered; and
  5. A statement of the amount of monetary damages being requested.

I received a call from someone purporting to be with the Internal Revenue Service, or I am receiving calls from telemarketers. Whom should I contact?
The Colorado Attorney General's office has a consumer complaint department that can help with: collection agency, telemarketing fraud and/or unwanted telephone calls or texts; mortgage & loan modification, consumer/payday lenders & creditors; securities and investment fraud; debt management/settlement & credit repair; environmental crime; and repossession. They can be reached at 1-800-222-4444 or 720-508-6000.

I would like to speak to the municipal prosecutor about my case. How do I do that?
Your first court appearance, the arraignment, is listed on your summons. At that time you will be advised of your rights and given the opportunity to speak to the municipal prosecutor. The municipal prosecutor will review the case with you and provide options, such as a possible a plea bargain (a sentencing concession offered in exchange for a plea of guilty to the charge).

I received a ticket for not having proof of insurance. What is the process for turning in my insurance information?
You should provide proof of insurance two weeks before your scheduled court date. You will receive a letter with instructions on how to provide the municipal prosecutor’s office with your insurance information. You must include your summons number and the information must be on the insurance agency’s letterhead. You may fax your information to: 303-795-3796; email to; or mail to Littleton Municipal Prosecutor’s office, 2069 W. Littleton Blvd., Littleton, CO 80120. If you need further information, contact the municipal prosecutor’s office at 303-795-3845.

Why did I receive a subpoena from the City of Littleton?
If you received a subpoena, it is because you have been listed as a witness for the municipal prosecution. Please sign the bottom of the subpoena and return it in the self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you have questions, contact the municipal prosecutor’s office at 303-795-3845.

I need to request a copy of my file. What is the process?
You have a right to receive relevant police reports and other materials about the charges that have been brought against you. This information is called “discovery.” Discovery can be obtained by filling out a discovery request form on-line or in person at the Littleton Municipal Courthouse. Please allow 3-5 business days for the municipal prosecutor to review your request. There is a $25 fee for photos or videos, which must be paid at the time of your request.

How do I drop a municipal protection order?
Only the municipal court judge can modify or drop a protection order. You may submit your request to drop or modify a protection order to the municipal prosecutor’s office via fax, email or mail. The municipal prosecutor will review your request and subpoena the victim to appear at the hearing regarding your request.

I cannot afford a private attorney. How do I qualify for a public defender?
In order to qualify for a court-appointed attorney, the municipal prosecutor must be seeking jail time, and you must fall within the fiscal standards established by the Colorado Supreme Court for the appointment of court-appointed defense counsel or be partially indigent. You can request a public defender by filing an application with the court, and the court may hold a hearing on the issue of eligibility.

When is someone placed on probation?
The municipal court judge may suspend the sentence if a person pleads guilty, no contest, or is convicted, and the court deems that it is in the best interest of the public and the defendant to place the defendant on probation. The court may revoke or modify any condition of probation, or may change the period of probation. The probation department also supervises offenders who reach an agreement for a deferred sentence or adjudication with the municipal prosecutor.

What are the “Terms and Conditions” of probation?
The terms and conditions of probation are the requirements set by the court as part of the suspended sentence. Conditions imposed by the court may include paying restitution or attending drug and alcohol classes or mental health counseling.

What happens after I have been placed on probation? 
If you have been placed on probation, you should report as soon as possible to the probation officer. During the time you are on probation, you will work with your probation officer to complete the probation terms and conditions as set by the court.