Office of Innovation

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The action or process of innovating.

  • A new idea, device, or method;
  • The act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods;
  • Synonyms: change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough

Digital innovation is a concept that the private sector has long valued. But what about your government? Many government agencies are run by the "it's always been done that way" mentality. Littleton is changing that!

Just think about the digital world in your private life. How many new apps have you downloaded in the last day? Month? The public's expectation about information, information deliverance, and availability is growing daily. It's a dramatic change and Littleton wants to lead the charge.

The city began this journey in early 2016 and has been developing a road map to assist us on this journey of discovery.

The vision of our Digital Strategy is to "enhance multi-directional digital connections among public, city employees, businesses and other community partners." In English, that means the city wants to dramatically shift our conduits of communication and interaction with the public. The whole point is to provide services and engage citizens with the same speed and efficiency they expect from the major players in the digital universe. If you have suggestions, questions, or ideas, contact any member of our team.

What is Littleton doing?

Littleton is investing in its employees to educate and spur innovation in city departments in a couple of ways, with plans to expand.

1. More than 40 employees from across the city's organization have received either their Black Belt or Green Belt from Denver's Peak Academy — a modified LEAN business process improvement training program operated by the City and County of Denver. The Black Belt program is a week-long intensive training, while the Green Belt is a half day introduction to LEAN for government. Employees are expected to use what they've learned in this program to improve their department's business processes with the ultimate goals of becoming more efficient and improving customer service.

2. Littleton was one of 10 cities nationwide which participated in the 2016 Alliance for Innovation — Innovation Academy. The city's team, consisting of a wide range of positions from every department, participated in monthly Innovation in Government webinars and completed a team project titled, Department 101 that will be used as an introduction to the city for all new employees. 

Additionally, the city's Innovation Academy Team is pursuing additional projects that include working with the Littleton's Human Resources Department to develop a new supervisors' boot camp as well as developing curriculum, in conjunction with graduates of the Peak Academy, to provide training on aspects of LEAN for Government and other ways of encouraging innovation within the organization.