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Envision Littleton & the Unified Land Use Code (ULUC)

The City of Littleton, Colorado, is in the midst of a multi-year process to develop a unifying vision for the community's future. The Vision was the initial step in a larger process to update the City's Comprehensive Plan and create a Transportation Master Plan (see 2019 adopted plans) as well as potentially updating the city's zoning and land use codes into a Unified Land Use Code (ULUC) to ensure consistency with the vision and Comprehensive Plan.

In October 2021, the Littleton City Council approved an ordinance adopting the Unified Land Use Code (ULUC).

Department Staff may be reached by phone or email and virtual meetings may be pre-arranged via email with the individual staff member. Quick links and phone numbers are available on the main Building and Development page.

The Community Development Department has three divisions. The Administration Division is responsible for the administration and provision of services for the Department divisions.

The Building and Code Compliance Division is responsible for reviewing construction plans; issuing building permits; managing building inspections; investigating complaints regarding compliance with City codes; seeking and negotiating resolution of code violations; systematically inspecting multiple-family rental housing for compliance with City codes. 

The Planning Division is responsible for developing and updating the city’s comprehensive plan and its various elements; for implementing the comprehensive plan through the review of development and rezoning applications and through the writing, updating, and implementing of land use regulations, including zoning; and the City’s historic preservation programs. 

In early 2017, BBC Research & Consulting was contracted to conduct a Housing Study for the City of Littleton

Before calling the city for services, check the Littleton City Limits map and the Address Wizard page to be sure the address you are calling about is in the city limits. Zoning Information may be found on the city's official Zoning Map.

Archived Records

Archived records may be requested by using the Open Records Request Form. The completed form must be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office.