Colorado Companies to Watch

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Colorado Companies to Watch

What is the Colorado Companies to Watch Program?

Colorado Companies to Watch recognizes second-stage companies that are developing valuable products and services, creating quality jobs, enriching communities and creating new industries throughout the state. This unique awards program developed by the Edward Lowe Foundation produces a multitude of benefits for all stakeholders.

Participating companies have the opportunity to raise their visibility and increase their market reach, often to a national level, improve stakeholder relationships and contribute to a dynamic business environment. Citizens can raise awareness of and build pride in the innovative and valuable entrepreneurial companies operating in their communities. The state of Colorado promotes Colorado Companies to Watch businesses as trend-setting leaders in diverse entrepreneurial fields that are strengthening the state's economy.

What are the qualifications for nomination?

To be eligible for consideration of the annual Colorado Companies to Watch award, a business must:
• Be headquartered in the State of Colorado
• Have between six and ninety-nine employees
• Have annual revenues or access to capital between $750,000 and $50,000
• Be growth-oriented