Business License & Sales/Use Tax Application

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Business License & Sales/Use Tax Application (V2)

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***If filing for a Short Term Rental License, please visit our city website for directions for applying for a new license:
***Short Term Rental License applications are no longer accepted from this site.

Please complete all required fields. Incomplete registrations will be returned.  Any business engaged in commerce of any kind, including all service businesses and all businesses selling products and taxable goods, either in a home-based or commercial location within the City of Littleton must register with the city by completing this Business License - Sales/Use Tax Application.
A separate license is required for each physical location where a retailer operates a retail business within the city. NO LICENSE IS TRANSFERABLE. Business establishments located outside the city limits that engage in retail sales of tangible personal property to Littleton businesses or residents, which are delivered to locations within the city, must also obtain a sales tax license.  There is no charge for the Business License and Sales/Use Tax Application.
Business Information

"n/a" or "Applied" may be supplied, if appropriate.

Please provide existing license number if you are updating information.

Businesses based outside the City of Littleton but transacting business with city limits should choose "Out of City Location(s)"

Business Location Information or Head Office (for Out-of-City)

The location from which you operate your business - no PO box or "pack and ship" services.

Commercial Building Use
Buildings or rooms/offices within buildings are classified regarding occupancy classification in one or more groups.  Please review the examples and provide information on the previous and proposed building or room/office occupancy classification.  If the applicant is the owner or tenant you may need to contact your architect or general contractor for more information.  If you have questions, please contact the City of Littleton Permit Center at (303) 795-3751.

Example: A-1, B, H-2, R-1

Example: A-4, F-1, M, S-2
Onsite Manager (Office/Store)
In case of an emergency, police, and fire departments need to know who to contact for information and access.

Office/Store Location


Days and times onsite (Example: Monday 9am-5pm, Tuesday 7am-4pm, etc.)
Licensing/Tax Contact
This designee is a separate contact who will receive information on tax returns, delinquency notices, etc.  Your designee will change only if/when notification is made in writing by an owner/officer/partner/member.

Business Owner / Officer / Partner / Member

Business Purchase/Merger Information

If known

If known

If "Yes", a Consumer Use Tax return must be filed. You will receive an e-mail describing how to do so.

Do you lease or own your space/building? If leasing, you will be asked to provide property owner/manager contact information .
Property Owner Information

Sales/Use Tax Application Information

Every business must file annually even if no tax is due.  All businesses, including those that do not have taxable sales, will likely have a use tax liability. 

Number of Employees at location (Including owner(s) working on premises)

Home Occupation
Standards for Home Occupation

The complete set of performance standards are found in Section 10-4-5(B) of the Littleton Zoning Ordinance.  For full details, visit Section 10-4-5(B), Home Occupations in the City Code. In summary, and with a few exceptions stated in the Zoning Ordinance, the following standards apply to all home occupations:

1) The use(s) shall be operated entirely within the principal structure, and only by its permanent residents.  No employees can report to your residence.
2) The users shall not generate excessive vehicular traffic and parking shall be restricted to existing on-street and on-site parking.  Not more than four vehicles shall be parked at the location at any one time.  The total number of round trips per day generated by the home occupation shall not exceed fifteen.  No commercial vehicles can be parked at your residence.
3) Retail or wholesale of products are not permitted unless the sales are commonly related to the service provided; or purchase of the products is by telephone (or by other electronic means or by mail) and delivery is made by mail or parcel delivery service. 
4) The uses are limited to the interior of the principal structure, and no external evidence is allowed, including signs. 
5) Not more than 20% of the total floor area of the home, including an attached garage, can be used for the home occupation and any storage of materials or products.  What percentage of your total floor area of the home will be used for you home occupation business?

Information regarding the nature of your operation will help us ensure that your proposed use can be approved.

By submitting this application, you are implicitly attesting to the following paragraph:
I have agreed to submit this application electronically.  Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have examined this Business License & Sales/Use Tax Application and it is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.  I understand this document is subject to disclosure under the Colorado Open Records Act. . I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect as a written signature. By typing my name above I am electronically signing my application.