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Medic Transport Billing


Littleton Fire Rescue logoThe chart below shows fees for transport by Littleton Fire Rescue, including the base rates for Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS), which is based on the seriousness of the illness/injury, and the procedures performed during transport. ALS cases include medical calls such as cardiac, stroke, or life threatening illness or injury. BLS cases include non-life-threatening injury or illness. Patients who are treated by Littleton Fire Rescue at the scene, but then transported by a private company ambulance will not be billed by Littleton Fire Rescue, but will receive a bill from that company. Patients who are treated at the scene and released will not be billed at all by Littleton Fire Rescue.

TRANSPORT FEES — effective 9/22/2015
BLS Transport
ALS Transport $1,090.00
ALS2 Transport
Per Mile


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