LFR Inspections & Permits

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Effective January 1, 2019, fire and emergency services in the City of Littleton will be handled by South Metro Fire Rescue

For EMS transport and billing questions for service dates prior to January 1, 2019, contact the Littleton Finance Department at 303-795-3776 or finhm@littletongov.org


Anthony Valdez, Fire Marshal
Littleton Fire Rescue

Fire Marshal's Office
Permit Coordinators: Miranda Jones and Roberta Payan

Ph: 720-989-2230
Mon-Fri: 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
South Metro Fire Rescue
Permit System

Effective January 1, 2019, Littleton Fire Rescue will join South Metro Fire Rescue in a unification of services. As part of this unification, the fire prevention divisions will be combining both agencies into the new South Metro Fire Marshal’s Office. This will allow both agencies to provide a stronger level of support and services to the communities served.

This unification will also allow plan review submittals and scheduling of inspections to be done electronically within a jurisdictional area of approximately 285 square miles in the south metro Denver area. Beginning January 1, 2019, all plan submittals will be submitted electronically through South Metro Fire Rescue’s website as outlined below. After creating an account or logging into an existing account, all aspects pertaining to a project may be accessed in the following web-site with South Metro.

South Metro Fire Rescue Citizen Portal

Using the South Metro Fire Rescue Citizen Portal, applicants can submit plans for review, monitor the status of a submittal, pay fees, access approved plans and construction permits to be kept on site, and schedule all inspections. The Citizen Portal can only access projects submitted after January 1, 2019.

For existing Littleton Fire Rescue projects prior to January 1, 2019, continue to submit plans to Littleton Fire Rescue and schedule the inspections at 303-734-8300. After January 1, 2019, you must follow the instructions below for plan submittals, fee processing, inspection scheduling, etc.

If you are requesting an inspection outside the hours of 7:30 am and 4 p.m. after January 1, 2019, contact the Fire Marshal’s Office Permit Coordinators at 720-989-2230 or email at Reports@southmetro.org

For existing Littleton Fire Rescue permits issued prior to January 1, 2019 and requesting an inspection, contact the permit coordinators desk at 720-989-2230 to schedule the inspection. You will NOT be able to schedule an inspection for an existing Littleton Fire permit issued prior to January 1, 2019 via the South Metro Fire Rescue online portal.

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