Current and Upcoming Exhibits

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Littleton: Spirit of Community

This permanent exhibit depicts, through artifacts and text, the "Littleton Story" from its early beginnings to the the present.


Over the Top: Selling the First World War to a Nation Divided

Exhibit dates: July 27, 2018 through June 2, 2019

Prior to entering the war in 1917, many Americans were against joining the conflict in Europe. A series of dramatic events, including the sinking of the HMS Lusitania, prompted President Wilson to ask Congress for a declaration of war. Within days, the US government mounted the largest propaganda campaign ever seen. Its goal was to convince the American people that survival of the nation and democracy depended upon entering and winning the First World War. 

Using images and artifacts from the Littleton Museum's collection, visitors are invited to experience and learn about forms of propaganda and how it was used in World War I.


The Dark That Was is Here: Paintings by Paul Gillis

Exhibition Dates: September 21 to October 21, 2018

Deeply interested in the human narrative, Colorado artist Paul Gillis takes common themes from across history to construct highly complex worlds within his paintings. Set like stages, the complexities of these worlds are confined to a few symbolic actors and relationships, making for powerful scenes. Gillis uses images of ghosts, robots, animals, ancient scripts and objects to explore how the experiences of people remain constant across time.
Winner of the 2017 Littleton Fine Arts Board Own an Original competition, Paul Gillis brings his distinctly animated style of watercolor and oil paintings to the Littleton Museum. Referencing a poem of the same name by Eli Siegel (1957), The Dark That Was Is Here: Paintings by Paul Gillis reflects the artist’s imaginative storytelling.