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Littleton Museum offers visitors a unique link between the past and present. Located on 40 acres adjacent to Ketring Lake, the museum encompasses three exhibition galleries, a children's interactive gallery, research center, and two 19th-century living history farm sites.

The Permanent Gallery exhibits a comprehensive historical look at Littleton from pre-history to the present through graphics, photography, and artifacts from the museum's collections. The Fine Arts Gallery hosts original art and photography exhibits sponsored by the Littleton Fine Arts Board. The Changing Gallery displays temporary and traveling exhibits from the Smithsonian Institution, other museums, and the Littleton Museum Collections.



I and We (Best of Show)
May 21-July 17, 2021

The City of Littleton Fine Arts Board is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition of fine art, Best of Show, featuring the artwork of Ashley Allen and Olga and Aleksey Ivanov. The artists won the award “Best of Show” for competitive exhibitions in 2020; Allen for the 2020 Eye of the Camera exhibit, and the Ivanovs, for the 2020 Own an Original exhibit.  

Through a curated selection of these artists’ recent works, I and We, explores the concept of the individual versus the duo when considering artistic inspirations and processes. Allen, whose work explores the role of the individual within familial groups, as well as one’s relationship with nature, focuses on using photography to explore one’s identity in the larger world. In contrast to the unique and dynamic role of the individual, is the delicate and harmonious balance of a partnership. The Ivanovs are spouses who have worked together on paintings for over twenty-five years. They collaborate symbiotically on each egg tempera painting they create, reflecting the strong bond they share as life partners.  

For Ashley Allen, whose work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, photography is a medium to explore questions about identity. Where do we fit in the world with each other and with our environment? How do we identify ourselves within our landscape or within our family? How do we maintain, realize or lose our personal selves within the relationships that we hold most closely? By photographically investigating these questions, she finds a deeper understanding of self. To explore more of Allen’s work, explore her website,  

Olga and Aleksey Ivanov experienced an intense classical art education in Russia, which gave them an “exceptionally strong foundation for our artwork—a springboard we use to translate the modern world around us”. Inspired by Russian iconography and European Renaissance artwork, and exceptionally skilled with egg tempera, the duo considers “each painting with an open heart, building up the surface with thousands of tiny strokes, one on top of the other” to intensify the depths and luminosity of each image. Visit their website, to see more of their works. 

Littleton: Spirit of Community

This permanent exhibit depicts, through artifacts and text, the "Littleton Story" from its early beginnings to the present.

Spirit of Community exhibit at the Littleton Museum Spirit of Community exhibit at the Littleton Museum

The Way We Played

Exhibit dates: September 13, 2019 to July 24, 2021

The Littleton Museum is excited to present the exhibition The Way We Played. Inspired by nostalgia, this is a toy exhibit for all ages. Featuring artifacts from the Littleton Museum collection, as well as objects on loan, the exhibit prompts visitors to consider the ways that they engaged with different types of toys as a child. The interactive stations included in the exhibit assist in the nostalgic experience through sensory engagement. There is even a memory share station where visitors can read other community members’ stories about their favorite toys from childhood, and in turn leave their message about the way they played. The museum has produced a video about this exhibit.

The Aroma of Play, part of "The Way We Played" exhibit at the Littleton Museum. The Way We Played, an exhibit at the Littleton Museum