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per•spec•tives Exhibit

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The Littleton Museum presents the annual Best of Show exhibit.  This year's show features the artwork of Gabrielle Graves and Courtney Cotton, 2019 winners of the Eye of the Camera and Own an Original exhibits, respectively. Both artists currently focus their work on the theme of "perspectives" using their specific medium to present thought-provoking analysis of this deeply personal but universal topic.

Virtual-Tour-Button Experience a virtual tour of the exhibit within the gallery space. Use a keyboard or touchscreen to navigate through the space and click on hotspots with additional information and photographs of the artwork. This tour is also compatible with virtual reality applications.
Digital-Exhibit-Button See the digital slideshow of the exhibit with photos of each artwork and descriptions, as well as links to videos and additional information.

Online Exhibit Programming

  • May 22, 2020 - Online Exhibit Opens
  • June 5, 2020 at 4 p.m. MST - Studio Tour/Artist Talk with Courtney Cotton
    Visit to see a live stream video with artist Courtney Cotton as she shows us her studio and tells us about her creative process. Q&A can be accessed through Facebook messaging or by calling 669-900-6833 and when prompted enter webinar id: 997 9720 8188 and password: 342413. Use *9 to raise your hand in order to be given access to ask your question.
  • June 12, 2020 at 4 pm MST – Artist Talk with Gabrielle Graves
    Visit to see a live stream video with artist Gabrielle Graves as she talks about her current body of work and her unique photographic process. Q&A can be accessed through Facebook messaging or by calling 669-900-6833 and when prompted enter webinar id: 980 3578 3184 and password: 201289. Use *9 to raise your hand in order to be given access to ask your question.
  • June 26, 2020 - Virtual Tour/Exhibit Video Release
    If you are unable to make it into the museum, above is a link to the virtual tour and digital slideshow version, and below is a short preview video of what it looks like inside the gallery.

per·spec·tives Exhibit Video

Other Digital Exhibit Resources

Activity cards are a great way for people of all ages to engage with the exhibit.  A small postcard provides prompts and questions to help people look more closely at the artwork and reflect upon the artist's intent as well as their own life experiences.

Image of a postcard that has an exhibit activity on it and a picture of an orange


An artwork by Gabrielle Graves called Dreadful Sorry, Clementine. Notice the marks in the photo made from a fingerprint, and the lone dog hair that seems out of place and like you could blow it away. Evidence of the photographer’s hand and the scanner bed exist in this piece and many others in the exhibit.

Can you find more fingerprints and other imperfections in the other photos? How do these aspects play with the idea of perspective or point of view?


Along with the process, Gabrielle likes to use a sense of play. Ask yourself what kind of food you have played with and how? Think about what adds to a sense of play in life? How about in this work? How does the artist’s use of color connect with the idea of play? Notice the bright colors and use of the hand, along with the displays of messes.

Printable Gabrielle Graves Activity Card

Image of an exhibit activity card with an abstract painting on it


an artwork by Courtney Cotton called Navigation.
Navigation means to plan or follow a route. Many times we travel in or on something: a car, a train, a horse etc… What types of vehicles do you see in the painting called Navigation?

Answer is on the printable activity card.


the symbols in these artworks. The artist hides a heart shape in almost all of her artworks.    Have you run across any hearts while looking at her work?
“My heARTs represent Love. A universal spirit that transcends race, religion, age or gender. To live fully in our human souls, we must experience and share that spirit. Love finds its most natural and spontaneous expression in giving.”

Printable Courtney Cotton Activity Card