Flood Warning System

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In Littleton, the flood season runs from about mid-April to mid-September. The usual cause of flooding is intense spring or summer thunderstorms causing rapid runoff of storm water. Urban Drainage and Flood Control District maintains a flood alert system for the Denver metro area. In the event of a flooding emergency, messages will be sent to all voice and text communication devices that have registered with the Citizen Alert service on the city’s website at the Police Department page. All landline phones are already in the 911 database system. 

UDFCDs alert system

Real-time stream gauge information (current level of water in a stream)

climb to safety sign

A real-time flood level gauge is located in the detention pond located in Powers Park on Slaughterhouse Gulch

There are flood warning signs posted in the city along Little’s Creek. Whether there is a sign or not, be aware during heavy rainstorms and move to higher ground!