Traffic Signal Program Capital Funding

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Structural Pole Evaluation ($50K) – Hire a consultant to perform non-destructive testing on the signal poles at 12 intersections to establish a base evaluation at every traffic signal within the city over a 5-year period.

Signal Design ($25K) – Hire a consultant to prepare plans for two (2) signals along S. Platte Canyon Road at W. Mineral Avenue and W. Bowles Avenue for construction (potentially paid through CDOT safety grants) within the next year.

Signal Improvements ($100K) – The city’s portion of costs associated with the signal improvements along S. Platte Canyon Road at W. Mineral Avenue beyond which is paid for by CDOT FASTER Safety funding.

Pedestrian Crossing ($80K) – Hire a consultant to prepare the designs for installation of RRFBs (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons) at two (2) pedestrian crossings—the Lee Gulch crossing of W. Mineral Avenue and the Little’s Creek crossing of S. Prince Street—and partly fund the installation along with dedicated Conservation Trust Funds ($40K). Also, hire a consultant to design RRFBs for three (3) additional locations to be installed within the next year.

Corridor Signal Upgrade ($100K) – Purchase of the Acyclica monitoring equipment and associated upgraded signal equipment where needed for the seven (7) signals along S. Santa Fe Drive between S. Prince Street and W. Mineral Avenue to allow for monitoring of the traffic conditions.

Pedestrian Signal Upgrade ($50K) – Purchase upgraded signal equipment for ease of maintenance and to allow communication with pedestrian signals.

Signal Communication Upgrade ($50K) – Purchase of the equipment necessary to upgrade the communications to the traffic signals throughout the city, with the exception of those locations along Main Street and S. Santa Fe Drive currently connected via fiber, to the new radio system investigated and recommended by the city’s Information Services Department. In addition, purchase the equipment needed to connect the eight (8) traffic signals between the Littleton Center and Fire Station #12 along W. Littleton Boulevard and S. Broadway to the proposed future fiber line.

New Wiring ($100K) – Hire contractor to rewire the five (5) worst signalized intersections in the city.

Traffic Management ($50K) – Purchase ten (10) Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras for installation on major corridors throughout the city, including W. Bowles Avenue, S. Broadway, W. Mineral Avenue and W. Belleview Avenue, in order to monitor real-time traffic conditions.

Capital Funding Summary

Estimated Cost
Structural Pole Evaluation =
Signal Design =
Signal Improvements =
Pedestrian Crossing =
Corridor Signal Upgrade =
Pedestrian Signal Upgrade =
Signal Communication Upgrade =
New Wiring =
Traffic Management =
Total =

Potential Funding Sources

Public Works Account
Traffic Signal Program = $400,000
Professional & Consulting = $180,000