Earth Day Weekend Electronics Recycling Event

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April 20, 2019, 8 am - 12 pm at the Belleview Service Center

This event is being held at the same time and location as the Spring Tree Program! Why not order a tree to pick up after you drop off your recycle items.

Proof of Littleton residency required for this event.
Check the Address Wizard to make sure you live in the Littleton city limits before arriving.

Old PCsElectronic recycling services will be offered for all Littleton residents at the Belleview Service Center. This is an opportunity for Littleton residents to responsibly recycle items such as computer monitors, TVs, small appliances and other small electronics.

Before arriving, be sure to check the list of accepted Items for electronic recycle list below. If you are dropping off a computer, hard drive, phone, or other technology item with storage or a hard drive, review the data destruction services provided by the recycling company.

There will be a $20 co-pay for each CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor or TV, and for all monitors and TVs over 24 inches (diagonal measurement).  All other electronics may be dropped off for free.

For electronics recycling questions, contact 303-795-3831 or

List of items accepted at this event coming soon...