Citizenship Classes

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Are you interested in becoming a U.S. Citizen? The Littleton Immigrant Resources Center is here to help! 

We have qualified staff members who can help you determine if you are eligible for citizenship. If you are, we can help answer any questions about the naturalization application and then help you study for your naturalization exam. 

We offer small group classes and one-on-one tutoring to help you learn about U.S. civics and history and also help you improve your written and spoken English for the exam. We have Department of Justice (D.O.J.) accredited staff who are qualified to help you fill out your application and also represent you at your naturalization interview. Completing the Citizenship Program usually takes 4 to 6 months.

Call 303-795-3968 to set up an appointment to discuss becoming a U.S. Citizen.

Citizenship Class Ha_optCitizenship Class Schedule

Due to COVID-19, the LIRC has canceled summer classes.  We will announce our fall class schedule in the coming months.  We may still be able to match students with a tutor to study remotely.  


Please call 303-795-3968 or email to make an appointment to register. Registration takes up to 1.5 hours, including English test and $80 fee (or $40 reduced fee if you qualify as low income).

Please Bring

  1. ID: Residency Card and State ID
  2. Your most recent taxes/proof of benefits for household income if you think you may qualify for the lower income rate of $40.
  3. Citizenship class cost: you will need $80 or $40 (depending on income).

Citizenship Mentoring – 1-2 study sessions each week

  • Day/Time: For students who cannot attend classes. We find a tutor who can meet when you can.  Available in English or Spanish (for students who are eligible to take the citizenship exam with an interpreter). Call anytime to register.
  • Where: Bemis Library or another public place


Clases para el Proceso de Ciudadanía      

Por el COVID-19, el LIRC ha cancelado las clases de verano. Anunciaremos nuestro horario de clases de otoño en los próximos meses. Es posible que aún podamos conectar los estudiantes con un tutor para estudiar de forma remota.


  • Por favor envie un correo electronico a o llame al 303-795-3968 para una cita para inscribirse.

Por favor, debe traer

  1. 3 documentos de identidad: su Residencia y ID de Colorado
  2. Debe traer una prueba de ingreso familiar (impuestos de un año u otro beneficio).
  3. Necesita $40 o $80 por la clase. Deje 1.5 horas para inscribirse, pagar y tomar una prueba de inglés. ¡Bienvenidos!

Tutoría de Ciudadanía – Una o dos veces cada semana

  • Día/Tiempo: Para los estudiantes que no pueden asistir clases debido a sus horarios. Nos encontramos un tutor que pueda reunirse cuando usted pueda. Disponible en inglés o español (para estudiantes elegibles para rendir el examen de ciudadanía con un intérprete). Llame en cualquier momento para inscribirse.
  • Dónde: En la biblioteca Bemis u otro lugar público.

Here's what former LIRC students had to say about our Citizenship Program

"Thank you for the service you provide. The guidance on navigating the process was very valuable." —Odette

Immigrant Family "I wanted to be able to vote in the Federal elections and to have all of the rights of an American Citizen. It is a wonderful sense of security to be an American Citizen. The Littleton Immigrant Resources Center is a fabulous resource. Navigating through all of the forms and documents required for the Citizenship process is a daunting task and it was made so much easier with the help of the wonderful staff there. I can't recommend them highly enough!! . . . The LIRC is an invaluable resource for immigrants. The whole process was smooth and the staff kept me informed all along the process. The Citizenship classes were professionally run and so interesting and education. They were also a lot of fun and I truly enjoyed learning not only about American culture, civics and history but also about the other immigrants in the class and their native countries and cultures. This is a fantastic program!!" —Deborah F. 

"It's been a really good experience and made me feel confident about the process." —Claudia A.

"LIRC is a really good place for helping new immigrants to study and getting to know more friends." —Yuemei L.