English Resources for Volunteers and Students

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English Technology Resources

The Littleton Immigrant Resources Center has 3 iPads that program participants (students or volunteers) may check out with a Bemis Public Library Card. The IPADs can be checked out at the library front desk for a maximum of 2 hours at a time and must stay at the library during that time.

The iPads have various apps and links to websites to help students improve their English and study for their Naturalization exam. Below is a list of the apps, in case students or teachers would like to download them to their personal devices. All items can be downloaded from the Apple App Store unless otherwise specified.

Listening and Reading

  • Learn English - designed for adult learners. Articles are read aloud. Student can listen or choose to follow along with the transcript.
  • Listening Drill - listen to sample files, including a commencement address by Steve Jobs. Students can read along.

ESL Beginner

  • Big Trace - beginning writing practice; students trace letters.
  • Pocket Phonics - practice writing letters and the sounds they make.
  • Sent Builder - practice putting together an English sentence, complete with punctuation.
  • Sentence Maker - recognize words and put them in the correct order.
  • AAA Typing Bee - practice spelling words.
  • ESL Beginner - short recorded conversation.
  • ESL Easy Reader - listen along with a sentence and then type the correct words. Helps with listening comprehension, reading and writing.

Advanced English

  • TOEFL Listening Tests - for advanced students. Examples of TOEFL (or advanced conversation).
  • English Reading - targeted at advanced English readers. They can read short paragraphs and test their reading comprehension.


  • Grammar Express Tenses - practice the verb “to be,” present simple and present continuous.
  • Grammar Lite - tests your knowledge of grammar. Many other modules to explore as well including confusing words, time prepositions, conjunctions, etc.
  • Grammar Up - fill in the blank for various parts of speech (e.g. adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, etc.)
  • Phrasal Verbs - practice your knowledge of phrasal verbs. Not for beginners.

ESL Vocabulary

  • Wordly Wise 3000 - improve vocabulary by reading definition and then using in a sentence.
  • Genius Baby - designed for children, put pronounces words from various categories.


  • ABC Magic - designed for children, select a letter and listen to words that start with that letter.
  • Intercambio - videos to augment the pronunciation books

ESL Writing

  • How to write an essay - interactive slide show on how to write an essay in English.
  • How to write a resume - information on how to write a resume

English Games

  • Make Beliefs - make a cartoon
  • Grading Game - correct a writing sample
  • Word Search - search for words
  • Phrase Game - asks for definition of phrases
  • Hangman - spelling; you get to select the category
  • Idioms - describes various English words
  • Comparative Adjectives - designed for kids, helps to
  • Crosswords - practice spelling using crossword puzzle
  • Word Search - search for words (different from one above)

Useful Websites

Bemis Public Library Website - Discuss special events, resources that are available at the library, etc. There are various databases that are available through Bemis Library website.
Rocket Languages - Audio lessons with opportunity to listen to a native English speaker and then record yourself speaking. This program is also available in other languages such as Spanish. You will need your Bemis Library card to access this site.
Tumblebooks - Designed for children, this application allows a user to select a book. The books is then read aloud. There are also quizzes to check reading comprehension.
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English - this is an online dictionary; recommended by Intercambio.
Intercambio Resources - provides video supplements for the Pronunciation Fun video and listening tracks for the Intercambio curriculum
Intercambio Teachers' Blog - Provides teaching tips for ESL tutors.

Smart Phone Apps 

Duolingo - Free smart phone app.  Uses a variety of matching, writing, flashcard, and self-recording games to teach language.  Students can set daily practice goals and track their progress.

Quizlet - Free smart phone app.  Students can download study materials for a variety of topics, including English and US Citizenship.  Teachers can assign flashcards, quizzes, and much more.