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Event Permits

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Event Permitting During COVID-19

The City of Littleton is accepting and processing applications for special event permits. However, event managers are responsible for ensuring that all elements of their event are in compliance with any state, county, or local public health orders in effect at the time of their event in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The City of Littleton reserves the right and authority to rescind and revoke special event permits at any time. The city will make its best efforts to notify permit holders of revocation at least 24 hours in advance of the date of the permitted event. For questions about the status of a submitted event permit application, contact the event permit administrator.

For specific questions about the city's permit regulations, contact the appropriate city department or agency:

Couple enjoy the music in Bega Park at Little JamEvent Qualifications, Requirements and Checklist

The city recognizes that large, organized events, concerts, races, markets, and celebrations are wildly popular and attract thousands of visitors to Littleton each year. To ensure the events are safe and fun for attendees, organizers, event staff and city crews, and that organizers follow the event protocols in the city code, event organizers are required to complete an Event Permit Application for each event or series of events.

1. Is your venue in the Littleton city limits?

Not all Littleton street addresses are in the city limits. Check the the Littleton Address Wizard and/or the Littleton City Limits map to make sure the event venue is within Littleton's city boundaries. If it is not in the city limits, contact the local jurisdiction and follow their event permit application process.

2. Qualifications

Generally, a City of Littleton Event Permit is required if the event is open to the public, AND more than 100 attendees are expected, AND...

  • Held in a city park, public street, or public facility; OR;
  • Venue is outside the "normal use" of the venue (such as a carnival at a church); OR
  • Includes the sale and/or consumption of alcohol; OR
  • Includes outdoor amplified sound; OR
  • Includes a street-closure request; OR
  • City staff time (police and/or public works personnel) is needed; OR
  • Includes pyrotechnics or fireworks of any kind.

An event permit is NOT required if the event is held at a venue where the "normal use" of the venue is hosting events, such as The Hudson Gardens & Event Center.

Answer these questions about your event...
Before starting the Event Permit Application, answer the following questions to and then review the Document Checklist to be sure you have ALL documents on hand before you start the application.

  1. Will your event include sale and/or consumption of alcohol?
    If yes, you will need a City of Littleton Special Event Liquor Permit. The Special Event Liquor Permit application is a separate form and must be submitted to the city clerk's office at least 45 days before the event to start the liquor-permitting process. There is a $100 fee to submit the Special Event Liquor Permit.
  2. Is your event being held in a Littleton park or on a Littleton trail? Does your race or parade PASS THROUGH a Littleton park or a Littleton trail?
    If yes, you must complete South Suburban Parks & Recreation's Special Event Request Form before completing the Littleton Event Permit Application. A copy of South Suburban’s approved permit must be submitted with the Littleton Event Permit Application.
  3. Are you requesting the closure of any public street or alley for your event?
    • A map is required showing the requested street closure(s) with a traffic control plan showing placement of barricades, signage, and traffic detours if needed.
    • Certificate of Insurance naming City of Littleton as an additional insured is required for all events taking place wholly or partially on public streets, public buildings, city parks, and/or trails. Review City Code Section 3-3-11 for amounts and other details.
    • Event organizers are responsible for renting the traffic control barricades and signs from a reputable company. Below are three companies in the Denver Metro area:
    • Colorado Barricade – 303-922-7815
    • National Barricade – 303-744-2338
    • Warning Lites – 303-936-2990

Neighborhood block parties

Private, invitation-only, festive gatherings on a residential street do not require a formal event permit. However, you must contact the Public Works Traffic Division at if you plan to request the closure of your street to vehicular traffic. A separate Amplified Sound Permit is required if the party will have amplified sound such as a DJ or live band.

3. Application Time Frame

Event Application must be submitted with adequate time for city staff to process.

  • For events involving the sale and/or consumption of alcohol, both Event Permit Application AND Special Event Liquor Permit must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the event date (or the first day of the event for multi-day events);
  • For events that do NOT include the sale and/or consumption of alcohol, the city's Event Permit must be submitted at least 30 days prior the event date (or the first day of the event for multi-day events).

Applications may not be submitted more than one (1) year in advance of the event date. Events that fall outside these time frames cannot be submitted.

4. Fees

The Event Permit fee is $75 per application. The Amplified Sound Permit fee is waived when it is part of the event permit. The Event Permit fee is non-refundable. Fees are due and payable at the time of application. The city accepts two forms of payment:

  1. Debit or Credit Card — processed through PayPal, although you do not need a PayPal account to use a card. Card payment option is only available at the time of application. Card payments cannot be processed after the event permit has been submitted. The city cannot process card payments in person or over the phone.
  2. Check (by mail or in person)

Other possible event-related fees, charged separately by each entity:

5. Fire Dept. Notification

South Metro Fire Rescue patchMedical Services
South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) does not provide medical services for non-city events. If you need onsite medical services for your event, you must contract with a private medical services provider.

Notification, Inspections & Permitting
South Metro Fire Rescue works with the various event planners and members of the community to help ensure that events in the City Littleton and throughout SMFR's district are safe for all who attend. SMFR’s involvement may be as simple as notification of the event, or may be more complex to include issuance of permits, conducting pre-event inspections, and/or providing fire watch during events that include pyrotechnics.

Event planners are required to notify South Metro Fire Rescue of all special events in the City of Littleton and throughout SMFR's district.

6. Event Security

Some events may require off-duty police officers and/or a private security firm depending on a number of factors such as type of event, number of expected attendees, whether alcoholic beverages will be served, physical location, time of event, etc. In these cases, the event manager will be contacted by the Littleton Police Department (LPD) Event Security Officer with requirements for the minimum number of officers and/or supervisors needed for the event.

There is a fee for LPD officers with a three-hour minimum, and a separate fee for patrol vehicles for traffic control and enforcement. LPD will invoice the event organizer separately for any required security services from the department. Contact the Event Security Officer at 303-795-3846 or for more information and current rates.

7. Documents Checklist

Have all your documents ready before you start
Before starting the Event Permit Application, be sure you have all the required documents in electronic format. Permit applications cannot be processed until all required documents have been received. All documents must be clear and legible. Digital photos from a mobile device are not acceptable. Accepted file formats: PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG. PDFs and DOCs may be more than one page if necessary.

Before uploading your files, CHANGE DOCUMENT FILENAMES!
REMOVE ALL SPACES from filenames
or your files may be unreadable and you may be required to submit them again. If this happens, your permit may be delayed while new documents are requested and uploaded.
Example: block-party-street-closure-map.pdf (no spaces in filename).


  • Event Layout Plan — required for all events
    Include as needed: canopies and tent locations, cooking facilities, port-a-let locations, entries and exits, alcohol, medical services, parking, trash, vendors, etc.
  • South Suburban Parks & Recreation Park Permit — required if your event will take place wholly or partially in a Littleton park or trail. Complete SSPR's Special Event Request Form.
  • Map of street closure(s) and traffic control plan — required if your event includes a request to close any public street(s) or alley(s). Include placement of barricades, signage, and traffic detours if needed. Applicant may be required to petition and/or notify all residents and businesses on the street(s) that are affected. Event organizers are responsible for renting their own appropriate traffic control barricades and signage from a reputable company.
  • Route map — a detailed map of the route is required if your event is a race or parade. Applicant may be required to notify all residents and businesses on the street(s) that are affected.
  • Certificate of Good Standing from the State of Colorado — required if sponsoring organization is a commercial or nonprofit business. Download a Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of State.
  • Certificate of Insurance — naming City of Littleton as an additional insured. Required for all events taking place wholly or partially on public streets, public buildings, city parks, and/or trails. Review City Code Section 3-3-11 for amounts and other details.
  • Permission of Property Owner — if the Sponsoring Organization owns or leases the venue, a copy of the venue's deed or lease is required. If the venue is owned by a third party, a permission letter from property owner is required.
  • Other documents not mentioned above may be requested during the review process, such as security plan, parking plan, medical plan, etc.

8. Multiple Events

Repeat events in one calendar year that are identical in character and impact on the city may be included in a single Event Permit Application. These events must be in the same location with same times, event manager(s), equipment, logistics, street closures, medical and security requirements, documents, etc. For example, a weekly farmers’ market at the same location could qualify for one permit.

If your Event Permit Application is for multiple days, all dates must be included on the permit at the time of application. Once a permit has been submitted, dates cannot be added or substituted. If dates are added after the permit has been submitted, a new application with the new dates must be submitted, even if the event is identical to another event.

See the Special Event Liquor Permit for qualifications and limitations of multiple events for liquor permits.

9. Do you have everything you need? 

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Still have questions?

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For information about displaying an event banner over Main Street, visit the Main Street Banners webpage.

For banner display on business properties, visit the Sign Code page or contact the community development department at 303-795-3748.

For all other event permit questions, contact the city's Special Event Permit Coordinator.