Shared Mobility - e-Scooters in Littleton

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Girl adjusts her helmet before riding an electronic scooterIn 2021, the city partnered with Bird Rides, Inc. to conduct a one-year micromobility pilot program. The city has been monitoring the program, and is now collecting feedback from residents and business owners as part of staff’s evolution of the pilot program.

Below is a short survey that asks scooter users their habits on scooters, and non-riders about their perception of the scooters.

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Bird, a shared electric scooter company, is bringing their e-scooters to the City of Littleton.

Bird Scooter App logoThrough the Bird smartphone app, riders locate an e-scooter, scan the QR code and start their ride. Riders also pay for their ride through the app, with no cost to the city.
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Riders must be at least 18 years of age , are encouraged to wear a helmet on every ride and are required to obey all rules of the road. The e-scooters have a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, but the limit will be capped at 10 miles per hour when operating in the area around Main Street and Alamo in Downtown Littleton.

Riders are encouraged operate e-scooters as they would a bike, riding in bike lanes or on the street, and should only ride on a sidewalk in last few hundred feet of the journey, being very cautious around pedestrians. When a ride is complete, e-scooters must be parked out of the way of pedestrians, never blocking sidewalks or driveways.

Electronic scooter parked on the streetE-scooters can be used to replace short car trips in Littleton which may help with parking concerns and congestion in areas like Downtown. E-scooters are not allowed on regional trails such as the Mary Carter Greenway and Highline Canal Trail. Littleton staff will be working closely with South Suburban Parks and Recreation (SSPR) to learn how scooters impact trail operations on smaller trails, and may adjust operations accordingly.

Bird is committed to rider and community safety by providing a robust and growing suite of in-app and onboard vehicle technologies. These features include: 

For more information about the e-scooters, contact Bird at 1-866-205-2442 or, or visit their blog at To learn more about Bird’s commitment to safety, visit their Safety Page, or consult the How to Bird Guide for responsible riding tips.

For more information about the e-scooter program, contact the city's transportation planner.