LIFT – Littleton Invests For Tomorrow

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In February 2020, Littleton City Council approved an ordinance to repeal the Columbine Square Urban Renewal Area and abolish the Littleton Invests For Tomorrow (LIFT) Urban Renewal Authority. It became effective August 13, 2020.

Littleton Invests For Tomorrow (LIFT, formerly the Littleton Riverfront Authority) has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Ability to enter into contracts, borrow funds and make appropriations and expenditures;
  • Preparation of proposed urban renewal areas and urban renewal plans for submission to the city council for consideration and adoption;
  • Within the framework of an adopted urban renewal area and urban renewal plan, ability to undertake authorized public improvements, land assembly, demolition of buildings and disposition of property;
  • Ability to use eminent domain power only if authorized by the city council, and then only in accordance with strict state statutory provisions and limitations;
  • Ability to retain staff and consultants; and, Ability to enter into agreements with other public entities and agreements with property owners and developers.

The LIFT Board of Directors are appointed by city council.