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Cupola Cam

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FEB. 12, 2019 - Cupola Cam decided to take a break recently.
The city's technology department is aware of the issue and is working to get it back online.

Click the Request Control button below the video stream window to enter the queue, wait your turn, then use the drop-down menu to move the camera to the different views. Operating instructions and a screen shot diagram are shown below.



  • The camera is mounted on the roof of the Littleton Municipal Courthouse, on the north side just below the base of the cupola.
  • Because of the camera mounting position, there is a noticeable slant to the image when the camera swings far left and far right. This cannot be corrected. 
  • There are reports that the Cupola Cam video does not display on some versions of Internet Explorer. If you experience trouble with MSIE, try another browser.

For questions or comments about Cupola Cam, use the Feedback link at the top of this window, just below the Search field. The city cannot troubleshoot individual computer issues.

Operating Instructions

Cupola Cam screen shot

  1. Click the Request Control button to enter the queue. When your session starts, the status field will display "You are possessing the control."
  2. Once you have control of the camera, select different views using the PTZ Preset drop-down menu. The default session is 60 seconds but we are working on increasing that time.
  3. Use the Zoom Bar to zoom in and out of the video. The camera will focus automatically.
  4. The Home button will move the camera back to the home position (Downtown and Rocky Mountains). The Ctrl Panel button will open a small control panel window. All controls in that window are disabled.
  5. The Recorded Tours feature is disabled at this time but there is no way to hide that part of the window.
  6. These links are for admin use only.

For comments and suggestions, use the Feedback link at the top of this page. The city cannot troubleshoot individual computer issues.