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The Littleton Calendar and Annual Report has arrived!


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  • Ames, Lewis and Laura—Early homesteaders who served as Littleton's first school teachers.
  • Babcock Family—Farming family; Alonzo Babcock served as a U.S. Marshall and deputy sheriff.
  • Beers Sisters—Five unmarried sisters who owned a popular local dairy farm.
  • Bemis Family—Early Littleton family; prominent in the history of the town. Edwin A. Bemis was editor of the local newspaper.  
  • Benedict, Jules Jacques—Local architect who designed the Town Hall building, the Carnegie Library and other structures in Littleton and the Denver area.
  • Bowles Family—The Bowles family held large land holdings west of the Platte River.
  • Caley Family—Known for their famous cheese factory.
  • Chatfield Family—Owned land where Chatfield Dam is now located.
  • Cozens Family—Clark Cozens was a Littleton carpenter and builder.
  • Crocker Family—Dr. Crocker arrived in Littleton in 1890; his wife Martha Crocker was instrumental in the founding of the city's first library.
  • Crysler Family—Walter Crysler was a prominent local physician and also served as mayor.
  • Culp Family—Samuel Thaddeus Culp built a complex of stores in downtown Littleton.
  • Curtis Family—Large family who owned a ranch in the area of Littleton now known as Shadycroft; Henry Curtis became a watchmaker and jeweler.
  • Gallup Family—The Gallups owned over 700 acres on the eastern edge of Littleton.
  • Hill, Julius—Owner of the local general store.
  • Howarth Family—Family owned a farm on Plum Creek; Bill Howarth was a well-known Littleton veterinarian.
  • Hudson Family and Hudson Gardens—The Hudsons established the log Country Kitchen restaurant and later donated their land for the creation of Hudson Gardens.
  • Hunt, Ivy W.—Owner of a gas station on Main Street.
  • Jull Family—Ebenezer Jull ran a hardware store in downtown Littleton.
  • Knight, Harry—Served as the state bee inspector.
  • La Rocco Family—Family-owned shoe shop on Main Street for many years.
  • Lilley Family—The family owned land which is now the site of the Columbine Country Club.
  • Linhart Family—Traveled to Colorado in a covered wagon; David Linhart became a skilled house builder.
  • Little, Richard and Angeline—Founders of Littleton.
  • Louthan Family—Charles Louthan built homes and businesses in Littleton; he also served as a city councilman and mayor.
  • Magnes, Peter—Introduced sugar beets to Colorado and founded Petersburg, now known as Sheridan.
  • McBroom FamilyThe McBroom brothers were very early settlers in the area and owned land near Bear Creek in Sheridan.
  • Moody, Ralph—Author of 17 books, starting with the best selling volume, Little Britches. Moody lived in Littleton during his youth and wrote about his experiences in the town.
  • Nutting Family—Family was involved with the lumber business and Harry Nutting was the town treasurer.
  • Packer, Alfred—Famous cannibal in Colorado history; he is buried in the Littleton Cemetery.
  • Prescott Family—Daniel Prescott was District Attorney in Denver; daughter Katherine married Ed Bemis.
  • Sanford Family—Homesteaded along the Platte River and owned a home in downtown Littleton. Mollie Sanford's journal of her trip to Colorado has been published and is an important document of Western American history.
  • Spotswood Family—Robert Spotswood was a wagon master, stagecoach driver and the owner of the Valley Stock Farm.
  • Stephenson, Charles E.—Owned a car dealership on Main Street.
  • Sterne Family—Family was involved with the lumber business and power generating plants.
  • Waring, Houstoun—Editor of the local newspaper, The Littleton Independent, for many years and active in the community.
  • Weaver Family—Family operated a dairy business and were involved in many community activities.