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Littleton Police Department

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A detailed history of the Littleton Police Department covering 1890 to 1990 has been compiled by Bruce Adams of the department.

Following is a list of officers who have led the Littleton Police.

Marshals and Police Chiefs of Littleton

Marshal A. G. Sutton 1890-93
Marshal C. E. Johnson 1893-94
Marshal E. W. Parcells 1894-95
Marshal R. M. White 1895-97
Marshal Fred A. Bemis 1897-98
Marshall S. C. Fox 1898-99
Marshal William S. Jull 1899-1900
Marshal John B. Mayers 1900-01
Marshal Nathan M. Henthorn 1901-02
Marshal Ira C. Couchman 1902-03
Marshal Edward F. Burden 1903-04
Marshal Charles W. Kinkle 1904
Marshal Fred A. Bemis 1904-05
Marshal James D. Epley 1905-06
Marshal W. J. Smith 1906-07
Marshal W. P. Keys 1907-08
Marshal William H. Morgan 1908-12
Marshal William J. Young 1912-14
Marshal Virgil Stevens 1914-20
Marshal Pitt Jones 1920-24
Marshal A. A. Ritchey 1924-30
Marshal Edward F. Burden 1930
Marshal Joseph V. French 1930-33
Marshal Charles L. Foster 1934-37
Marshal A. A. Ritchey 1937-38
Marshal Irvin E. Sumner 1938-40
Marshal Benjamin Kelt 1940-46
Chief Bruce G. Andrews 1946-49
Chief Edward E. Monzingo 1950-54
Chief Carl A. Paulsen 1954-55
Chief Arthur W. Hill 1956-58
Chief Forrest H. Brown 1959
Chief Charles R. Drake 1959-61
Chief John C. MacIvor 1961-68
Chief Marion B. Hobson 1968-83
Chief Craig E. Camp 1984-96
Chief Gary L. Maas 1996-2006
Chief Heather A. Coogan 2007-2013 
Chief Doug Stephens 2013-Present 



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Photographs courtesy of the Littleton Museum, unless otherwise noted; to order copies, contact the Museum at 303-795-3950.


Compiled by Doris Farmer Hulse

Updated May 2017