Address Wizard


Welcome to the NEW Address Wizard! Use this search function to determine whether an address is inside the Littleton's city limits.

How to use the new Address Wizard

  • Enter an address and click the search icon. The results will appear on the map and below the search field.
  • For best results, do not enter a city name.
  • If you get an unexpected result, check the street number and spelling for errors and try again.
  • See sample results and explanations below.

Sample Results

Positive results
Actual addresses inside the city limits will return a positive result. Leave off the city name for best results. 

Figure A: screenshot showing a positive result

Outside the city limits with county information
Actual addresses outside the city limits (when no city is entered), will return results that include the county name.

UNINC = unincorporated

Figure B: screenshot showing unincorporated Jefferson County

Outside the city limits with no results
Addresses outside the city limits where a city name has been entered will return No results.

Figure C: screenshot showing no results

 If you continue to get an unexpected or negative result, check these county parcel Address Wizards: Arapahoe County, Jefferson County; Douglas County.