Littleton ZIP Codes

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Map showing the city limits of LittletonJust because the mailing address is "Littleton" doesn't mean that the address is actually within the Littleton city limits.

The U.S. Post Office (USPS) has designated the name "Littleton" to include several local communities, both incorporated and unincorporated areas of three counties. ZIP Codes can represent an area within a state (an area that may or may not cross county boundaries), an area that crosses state boundaries (an unusual condition), or a single building or company that has a very high mail volume.

The USPS has used the following ZIP Codes with the city name "Littleton" in Colorado:

ZIP code Area within city limits
County Other city names used by the USPS Type of ZIP code
80120 Completely within the
Littleton city limits
Arapahoe Standard
80121 Partially within the Littleton city limits Arapahoe Greenwood Village, Centennial Standard
80122 Partially Arapahoe Centennial Standard
80123 Partially Arapahoe,
Bow Mar, Columbine Valley, Denver, Lakewood Standard
80124 None Douglas Highlands Ranch,
Lone Tree
80125 None Douglas Roxborough
80126 None Douglas Highlands Ranch Standard
80127 Partially Jefferson TrailMark
80128 Partially Arapahoe,

80129 Partially
Douglas Highlands Ranch Standard
80130 None Douglas Highlands Ranch Standard
80160 Yes Arapahoe Littleton P.O. Boxes
80161 Yes Arapahoe Littleton P.O. Boxes
80162 Yes Jefferson Littleton P.O. Boxes
80163 Yes Douglas Highlands Ranch P.O. Boxes
80165 Arapahoe Discontinued Building


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