Downtown Littleton & Parking

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Littleton Listens chart map Outreach meetings Open Littleton (online discussion) Compoile data, report main themes to city council Follow-up public meeting: overview, what did we miss, main themes

  • Participants were greeted and given a brief description of the Appreciative Inquiry process
  • Participants broke into one-on-one interview groups with participants whom they did not know
  • Each group was given interview questions with a specific amount of time for each question
  • Groups spread out through facility to conduct interviews

Small Group Presentation

  • All participants then broke into small groups of 6 to 8 people to discuss the outcomes of the interviews
  • Volunteers conducted the small group meetings and documented info
  • Discussions that were started were related to themes and similarities in participants' stories

Large Group Discussion

  • All participants gathered together and representatives from the small groups shared the 3 most reoccurring themes from the small group discussions.