Parks and Open Space


South Suburban Parks and RecreationThe City of Littleton has over 1,477 acres of parks and open space. The city has an agreement with South Suburban Parks and Recreation to maintain most of the parks in the city. South Suburban's district includes the cities of Littleton, Sheridan, Centennial, and Lone Tree, as well as parts of unincorporated Arapahoe, Jefferson and Douglas counties.

Visit the South Suburban Parks and Trails page for a complete list of facilities in the SSPR District.

Reserve a shelter at one of these parks.

Abbott Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
Acres Green Elementary School  Douglas County  Park   
Acres Green Trail  Lone Tree  Trail, unpaved   
Alice Terry Elementary School/Park  Sheridan  Park   
Altair Park  Douglas County  Park   
Ames Elementary School/Park  Centennial  Park   
Angeline Little Greenway  Littleton  Greenbelt   
Arapaho Park  Centennial  Park Rentable
Arapahoe High School Tennis Courts  Centennial  Tennis   
Ashbaugh Park  Littleton  Park   
Barnes Park  Sheridan  Park   
Bear Creek Trail  Sheridan  Trail, paved   
Bega Park  Littleton  Park   
Bemis Public Library  Littleton  Library, gardens   
Berry Park, Danny Dietz Memorial
Littleton  Park  Yes
Bessette Arboretum  Littleton  Mini park   
Big Dry Creek Trail  Centennial  Trail, paved and unpaved   
Bowles Grove Park  Littleton  Park   
Bradbury Plaza  Littleton  Mini park   
C-470 Trail  Douglas County  Trail, paved   
Carbone Park  Littleton  Open space   
Carriage Club Estates Park  Douglas County  Park  Yes
Centennial Ridge  Lone Tree  Park  Yes
Chase Park  Sheridan  Park   
Cherry Knolls Park  Centennial  Park  Rentable
Cherry Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
Cimarron Trail Park  Littleton  Park   
Clarkson Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
Coal Mine Trail  Jefferson County  Trail, paved   
Columbine Manor Park  Jefferson County  Park   
Columbine Trail  Arapahoe County  Trail, paved   
Cook Creek Park & Pool  Lone Tree  Pool, park   
Cornerstone Park (Senior Shelter) Englewood  Park  Rentable
County Line BMX Track  Douglas County  BMX Track   
Dawson Plaza  Littleton  Greenbelt   
DeKoevend Park  Centennial  Park  Rentable
DeKoevend Tot Lot  Centennial  Park   
Douglas H. Buck Community Recreation Center  Littleton  Community and Recreation Center   
Dry Creek Elementary School  Centennial  School   
Eagle Ridge Elementary School  Lone Tree  School   
East Elementary School  Littleton  School   
Elati Park  Littleton  Mini park   
Fairways at Lone Tree  Lone Tree  Park  Yes
Field Elementary School  Arapahoe County  School   
Footbridge Park  Littleton  Open space   
Forest Park Natural Area  Centennial  Park   
Foxhill Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
Foxridge Open Space  Centennial  Open space   
Foxridge Park & Trailways  Centennial  Park   
Foxridge West Open Space & Trails  Centennial  Open space, trail  Yes
Franklin Elementary School  Centennial  School   
Franklin Pool  Centennial  Pool   
Gallup Park & Gardens  Littleton  Park, gardens  Rentable
Geneva Lake and Park  Littleton  Park   
Goodson Recreation Center  Centennial  Recreation center   
Grandpa’s Acres  Littleton  Open space   
Hamlet Park  Littleton  Park  Yes
Harlow Park and Pool  Littleton  Pool, park  Yes
Heritage High School Tennis Courts  Littleton  Tennis   
Heritage Hills (Future Park)  Lone Tree  Park   
Heritage Village Park  Centennial  Park   
High Line Canal  Littleton, Arapahoe County  Trail, unpaved   
Highland Elementary School  Centennial  School   
Holly Park, Pool & Tennis Courts  Centennial  Pool, park, tennis  Yes
Homestead Elementary School  Centennial  School   
Hopkins Elementary School  Centennial  School   
Horseshoe Park  Littleton  Open space   
Hudson Gardens  Littleton  Gardens & Event Center   
Hunter's Hill Park  Centennial  Park   
Ida Park  Littleton  Mini park   
Jackass Hill Park  Littleton  Open space   
James A. Taylor Park  Littleton  Park   
Jamison Greenway  Littleton  Greenbelt   
Ketring Park  Littleton  Park   
Kline Homestead Park  Douglas County  Park  Yes
La Quinta Park  Lone Tree  Park  Yes
Larocco Plaza  Littleton  Mini park   
Lee Gulch Trail / Ivan Thomas Greenway  Littleton  Trail, unpaved   
Linksview Park  Centennial  Open space   
Little Dry Creek Open Space  Centennial  Park   
Little Dry Creek Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
Little Dry Creek Trail  Centennial  Trail, paved   
Little's Creek Park  Littleton  Park  Yes
Little's Creek Trail  Littleton  Trail, paved   
Littleton Golf & Tennis Club  Littleton  Park   
Littleton High School Tennis Center  Littleton  Tennis   
Littleton Historical Museum  Littleton  Museum, historical farms   
Lone Tree Golf Course & Hotel  Lone Tree  Golf   
Lonesome Pine Park  Douglas County  Park   
Mary Carter Greenway  Littleton  Trail, paved   
Maximus Trail Park  Lone Tree  Trail, unpaved   
Medema Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
Milliken Park  Centennial  Park   
Mission Viejo Buffer  Douglas County  Open space   
Monterey Open Space  Centennial  Open space   
Moody Elementary School  Littleton  School   
Nesbitt Park  Sheridan  Park  Yes
Newton Middle School  Centennial  School  Yes
Otero Tennis Courts  Centennial  Tennis   
Overlook Open Space  Littleton  Open space   
Palos Verdes Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
Palos Verdes Park West Tot Lot  Centennial  Park  Yes
Peabody Elementary School  Centennial  School   
Powell Middle School Tennis Courts  Littleton  Tennis   
Powers Park  Littleton  Park  Yes
Prairie Sky Park Lone Tree Ballfield, pool Rentable
Progress Park  Littleton  Park  Rentable
Promise Park  Littleton  Park   
Province Center Park/Open Space  Douglas County  Park, open space   
Puma Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
Quebec Street Trail  Centennial  Trail, paved   
Ridgeview Park  Littleton  Park   
Ridgewood Park, Lower  Littleton  Ball fields   
Ridgewood Park, Upper  Littleton  Park  Yes
Runyon Elementary School  Littleton  School   
Rusty Sun Tennis Courts  Centennial  Park   
Sandburg Elementary School  Centennial  School   
Sheridan Community Park  Sheridan  Recreation center  Rentable
Sheridan Middle School Ballfield  Sheridan  Park   
Slaughterhouse Gulch/Gardenier Greenway  Littleton  Greenbelt   
South Platte Park/Carson Nature Center  Littleton  Nature center, trails, open space   
South Suburban Golf Course  Centennial  Golf   
South Suburban Ice Arena  Centennial  Ice skating   
Southbridge Park  Littleton  Park  Yes
Sterne Park  Littleton  Park  Rentable
Sterne Park West  Littleton  Open space   
Sunset Park  Centennial  Park   
Sweetwater Park  Lone Tree  Park  Yes
Trailmark Park  Littleton  Park   
Twain Elementary School  Centennial  School   
Walnut Hills Elementary School  Centennial  School   
Walnut Hills Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
War Memorial Rose Garden  Littleton  Garden  Rentable
Whitman Elem. School  Littleton  School   
Wildcat Mountain Elementary School  Douglas County  School   
Wildcat Ridge  Douglas County  Park  Yes
Wilder Elementary School  Arapahoe County  School   
Willow Creek Park  Centennial  Park  Yes
Willow Creek Trail  Lone Tree  Trail, paved   
Willow Spring Open Space  Centennial  Open space   
Writer's Vista Park  Littleton  Park  Rentable
Wynetka Ponds  Littleton  Open space