Crabapple Route

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Crabapple route signOne of the springtime delights in Littleton is enjoying the colorful flowering crabapple trees. The sweep of color says winter is almost gone and it’s time to plant the garden.

All those trees that we enjoy today are not there by accident or coincidence. Many of today’s mature trees were planted by a City beautification program begun more than 40 years ago. The City Council appropriated funds to plant the colorful trees along City streets and encouraged homeowners to plant them in yards throughout the City.

In 1969, then Mayor Vaughn Gardinier inspired the City of Littleton to begin a beautification program by planting crabapple trees along city streets. Homeowners followed suit and planted crabapples on their properties. More than 7,000 crabapple trees now grace the Littleton community. So many that in 2014, Mayor Phil Cernanec proclaimed Littleton the Flowering Crabapple Capital of Colorado.

The Littleton Crabapple Route features seven easily-accessibly miles in the heart of Littleton where people drive, walk and bike to enjoy the fragrance and breathtaking beauty of these spring-blooming trees.

The Littleton Crabapple Route, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was established to perpetuate the route and to inspire Littleton residents to continue the tradition of planting colorful crabapple trees.

To make a tax-deductible donation or volunteer your support, contact Littleton Crabapple Route, Inc. at P.O. Box 110, Littleton, CO 80160 or email